Tropical Smoothie Cafe – share your pleasant experience

Do you frequently dine or make smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe? If so, why not take some minutes to take the Tropical Smoothie Café Guest Satisfaction Survey? It is a simple way of giving your feedback about your recent visit to the cafe. Once you participate in the Survey, you will get a discount on your next visit. After taking the survey, you will get a validation code that you will use to redeem the offer on your next visit to the Tropical Smoothie Café store.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe - share your pleasant experience

However, to take part in the survey, safely keep the receipt of your last visit to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. This is because details in it will be needed to take the survey. Such details include the store number, date of visit, time, and transaction number. Once the receipt is handy,

take the following steps below:

  • Go to
  • Click on Take Survey and enroll the store number, date of visit to the store, time, and transaction number on your receipt.

The questions they ask have multiple choice answers, choose the answer you feel is most appropriate. They are basically customer service related questions. The questions include your opinion on your personal experience, cleanliness of the café, how the staff treated you, your menu items, the tendency for you to come back to the café, and areas you will like them to make improvements on.

If you had a bad experience on your last visit, there is a section you can share your comment. You are free to explain this in detail to ensure that it is resolved. You can also visit the store to share your pleasant experience if you have any. Please be very objective while answering any question. This will help them to improve their customer care service.

The essence of the survey

is for Tropical Smoothie Café is to make some improvements to their customer service. You know that quality customer service is a great way of drawing more customers. Be honest while answering the questions, lying about an experience is not ideal at all. Don’t fail to participate in the survey if you are a frequent customer of Tropical Smoothie Café. As a frequent customer of Tropical Smoothie Café, participate and get a discount for the purchase you will make in your next visit. Participation is completely free and it does not take time at all.



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