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For individuals who really intend to save some cash on auto insurance premiums, why not enroll in the State Farm Drive Safe and Farm Program? State Farm now has a new scheme for its clients with a good driving experience to reduce their premiums by about 50%. This program is called Drive Safe and Save.State Farm Drive Safe And Save - Join Program

This means that as their client if you earn a good reputation for driving safely for some time, they will allow you to save some money by reducing your premium insurance by 50%. It as well encourages all their clients to safely drive to avoid road accidents and deaths. With is this program, individuals will save greatly in auto insurance.

To make this State Farm Drive Safe And Savework perfectly, State Farm monitors the driving pattern and habits of her clients. She does this by installing communication devices like OnStar, SYNC or In-Drive. These communication devices collect information about your driving and send them to State Farm.

It is this information that the company uses to decide whether a client is driving safely or not. They as well use the information to decide the discount to give you. The information needed includes your driving speed per hour, the distance you cover and lots more.


In a situation where your brand new car already had any of the communication devices like SYNC, OnStar or In-Drive installed in it, it becomes easier to enjoy the program. Just get an active subscription to enroll with OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics. That is the only way the Drive Safe And Save Program works. Without the subscription, no way for it to work.

State Farm Drive Safe And Save

Drive Safe & Save™ – Safe Driver Discount – State Farm® › … › Drive Safe & Save

Save up to 30% on your car insurance with a Drive Safe & Save™ discount at State Farm. Get a discount just for signing up.

Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile – State Farm® › download-mobile-apps › d…

Drive Safe & Save is all about smarter, safer driving and saving money on your auto insurance. Using information in the app, we calculate your discount.


Have Drive Safe & Save™ Questions? We’ve Got Answers. › … › FAQs › Drive Safe Save

If you have questions about Drive Safe & Save™, State Farm® has the answers. Find out what the benefits are, troubleshoot mobile questions, and much more!

OnStar® Drive Safe & Save™ – State Farm® › … › OnStar

Your OnStar-equipped vehicle may be eligible for our Drive Safe & Save program. Enroll today to earn a discount based on the actual miles you drive.

However, if your vehicle does not have any of the communication devices installed in it, do not worry. You can as well participate in the program. You just have to get an In-Drive device and install it in your vehicle. State Farm even sells this device.

Why not you go to the State Farm website, there can see instructions on how to order one and have it delivered to your doorstep? You can even install it on your vehicle by simply plugging it into a port under your dashboard in your car. So easy to install, right?

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Do you know that the communication device does not only calculate your mileage and send it to State Farm? It as well performs some other important tasks. It tracks your car and can help you find it if it is missing or stolen.

The device helps you in a situation of vehicle driving reports and hands-free mobile talking. For new clients to this program, you get this device installed to your car freely for a one-year subscription. From the second year, you begin to pay small amounts monthly. Why not take this program to Drive Safe and Save?

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