Missouri State Employees Self Service Portal /ess.mo.gov

Missouri State Employees Self-Service Portal gives you access to your account, and also enable you manage it. Thus, it is secure web-based employee Missouri State Employees Self Service Portal /ess.mo.govthat is accessible only to State of Missouri workers or former State of Missouri Employees. You can access the platform from any public or home computer, plus smartphones.Missouri State Employees Self Service Portal /ess.mo.gov

Do you want to access your Missouri employee self service account? The login procedure is very easy. With few steps at https://ess.mo.gov you’re done. However, if you don’t have an account yet and you want to create one, you will be learning the registration and login steps in this post.


Visit ess.mo.gov today, login to your account and do the following;

  • Access pay check Info.
  • Access your leave balance summary data which is current as of the last regular pay cycle.
  • Check your W2 information.
  • Check your training history.
  • Access State of Missouri Vendor Payment Services.
  • Get access to Benefits Providers.
  • Print blank W-4 forms for federal or state.
  • You get to submit name and/or address changes to your HR/Payroll office.
  • Access employee announcements.
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More features and services will be made available as time and resources allow.

Missouri State Employee Login

I don’t know how to log into my Missouri state worker account? Below are steps on how to login to your account;

  • Proceed to their login portal at https://ess.mo.gov
  • Go to the login field and enter your unique User ID to go through the log in steps.
  • After providing your login details, then hit the login bar.

Click on any of the question on the page, if you forgot your User ID.  However, if you have not previously setup a unique User ID OR Registered, click on the ‘Register Now’ tab , to kick off the procedures.

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To create an account, right on the login page, tap on the Register button. For the registration you need to provide the following information/ questions you need to answer

  • The first is, “Yes, I am an active Employee or No, I am not an active Employee
  • Your last name
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • Your birth date
  • Where you work
  • Your Residential ZIP code
  • The net Pay on your most recent paycheck.

Once you provide the above info, follow the prompt on the screen to complete the registration process.

About Missouri Employee Self Service

The login portal is https://ess.mo.gov/

Once you click on the above link it takes you straight to their page. There you can access the login field to log into your account.

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For you to have online access, you must register. The registration process is very easy as you can see I’m one of the sections above.

Moreover, with your account you can view and print your check stub, access and print your W2’s for annual tax and earnings. Also, you can view absence accrual and balances.

Non Aesop Users can request time off . Review and update your personal information like your address, phone and more.

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