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    Today, everybody seeks to have more control over their lives. As a matter of fact, no one wants to be limited to year contracts in order to receive some services like home security.www.simplisafebeck.com – Get SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

    This, undoubtedly, is what separates Simplisafe Home Security System from other home security companies. The reason is simple. Once you get SimpliSafe System, it becomes yours.

    SimpliSafe system is an easy self-installed system.

    It gives the same service as any typical home alarm service does. Also, it is yours and it is portable if you wish to take it with you while going out.

    One exciting feature of SimpliSafe that customers can enjoy is that it doesn’t have annual contracts. They can cancel any service without the problem paying a fee to get out of their contract

    Their monitoring service is at the rate of $14.99 per month. This is far cheaper than that of their competitors which is at the rate of $42.99 per month.

    Another good feature of SimpliSafe is that customers will not face the problem of installation. This is especially as they will not make holes on their walls to install their home security system.

    The sensors that are used to monitor windows and doors don’t require wiring or screws to bolt to the wall. It only needs adhesive to have it fixed on the wall.

    Their 24/7 service is connected to your cellular connection instead of your phone lines. Burglars that are highly experienced can disconnect traditional alarm system. They can do this by cutting the phone lines.

    However, with SimpliSafe, no phone line is needed. Your service is connected directly on independent cellular. Moreover, it is faster than phone service.

    These are the list of other amenities that are offered at SimpliSafe. Customers can access it by visiting www.simplisafebeck.com

    • Receive up to 20% discounts on home insurance with this service
    • On the go mobile control
    • Smoke and fire detection
    • Receive text and email alerts
    • Wireless sensors have 400 ft range
    • Smash – proof protection
    • Power outage protection


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