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American Home Shield Home Warranty Protection | Reviews For American Home Shield

If you are a homeowner, then you need to listen to this article for better insight.  Most times we experience problems with some home appliances and will cost us a lot to get it fixed, but the warranty home protection like American Home Shield is available to homeowners to reduce the risk and burden of making costly repair for home equipment or appliance breakdown. American Home Shield Reviews

This is why many homeowners have decided to come up with a hider to seek assistance from these warranty protection services just like the American Home shield home Warranty protection. This is to help safeguard their homes against untimely breakdowns which can cost a lot of funding.

American home shield home warranty protection has plans that cover your appliances, that which can cover up for your plumbing and so many other options that lie on the customer’s choice and what you have at your home.

American Home Shield Reviews

You can also decide to pick a plan that will cover your entire home and this, in particular, is one of the safest home Warranty protection plan I will advise anyone to go for. Just as low as $19, you can pick a home warranty protection. These dues are renewed on a monthly basis which you can also upgrade your plan to cover more than one home component via the combo plan. However, customers are given the privilege to randomly customize their plans however they want it.

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You may wonder how you will get their physical support in terms of repair and replacements of new appliances. For your notice, American Home Shield uses a reputable service contractor in your area to meet to your needs and render services you need to be done. So, therefore, they relate with local contractors and then merge out time for appointments as soon as possible to get those repairs done.

This has given a lot of people the confidence to work with this service even without knowing the location of the company. This idea was put in place so that customers/homeowners will be able to use the AHS online website to make their service requests.

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The site is structured to provide you with 24hours service on a daily basis. So, therefore, as a customer, you are connected to make as possible request as need under your plan.

This is more of an empowerment service such that you don’t bear the risk and the burdens of your home protection alone. With this service, a lot of people have been able to control loss and reduce risk as a homeowner.


American Home Shield is cooperation that was founded in 1971 and has operated independently not until it was acquired by ServiceMaster in the year 1989. It serves at least 49 states ranging at 1.4 million customers and the District of Columbia. It is one of the largest home warranty writers in the United States. The headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee.


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