How to calibrate iPhone Screen, Battery, And Home Button,

How to calibrate iPhone: Your device might be faulty or has some technical failures; hence it’s going to be less responsive. Over here, you will learn to fix your phone so as to prevent it from having apps ineffectiveness and other related problems that may emerge. On this platform, you will be learning ways to calibrate your iPhone touch screen, battery, motion sensor, and your home button.How to calibrate iPhone Screen

How to calibrate iPhone Touch Screen/screen brightness

Check out for the below directives. Note that there is no provision for calibrating your touch screen.

  • You could try and hard reset your phone. Try out this link for directories hard reset
  • To reset your phone settings, simply move to the phone settings. Find and click on the “General” tab and then click on the “Reset button”.

To Calibrate the Screen Brightness

Whenever your iPhone sensor is having some issues that are contrary to your command, you can simply follow the provided procedures below to re-calibrate it.

  • Open the iPhone settings to re-calibrate
  • Scroll down to select the “Display Brightness” tab
  • Disable “auto-brightness” by swapping it to white
  • Swipe the brightness slider until the screen turns dark, then
  • Enable “auto-brightness” by changing it to green

How to Calibrate iPhone Battery and Screen in Easy Steps › How To

Many iPhone users would like to calibrate iPhone battery and iPhone screen. … Hold down the Power button and Home Button until Apple logo appears.

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How to calibrate the iPhone battery? · For iPhone 6s or earlier, hold the sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. · For iPhone 7

Calibrate iphone screen – How To Discuss – HowToDiscuss › calibrate-iphone-screen

How do you recalibrate an iPhone batteryHow to calibrate your iPhone battery. The first thing to do is go to the Settings app from the home …

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Next, hold down both the Side and Home button. Wait for the Apple logo to appear and then iOS shutdown screen pops up. Now, turn on your iPhone, …

How to Calibrate Motion Sensor and Compass

Whenever you are having some difficulties with your iPhone motion sensor or compass, which you cannot be able to trace, quickly recalibrate them so as to avoid it from generating another fault. To achieve this you will have to enable your location service. Follow these steps below.

  • Launch your iPhone settings tab
  • Scroll down and tap on “privacy” tab
  • Move down to the “location services” tab from the main menu.
  • Move down and then click on “system services” tab
  • Slide the compass to turn on
  • Enable “motion calibration distance”
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When you are done with turning the location services on, you can now go back to the iPhone settings homepage where you will see the “compass “widget.

    How to Calibrate iPhone Battery

Do you know that you can calibrate your iPhone when it starts giving you an incorrect battery percentage? Check this out!

  • Discharge the phone by making sure the battery gets drained while in use.
  • Allow the phone till sunset of another day to ensure the battery is completely drained.
  • Now you can plug in your phone till it gets to 100% charge.
  • Reboot the phone and perform a soft reset.
  • Now after you have made the reset, your phone battery should be able to give you the correct percentage.

Did that work? Thank me later!

   How to Calibrate iPhone Home button

For iPhone models that are old i.e models before iPhone 7.these models tend to be less responsive most times. If you are related to such models mentioned, then this article aimed at addressing your issues.

  • Launch any app of your choice from the home screen if your device.
  • Press-hold the power button until the power slider pops out, then hold the “home button” until the power off-page disappears.

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