Settings For Find My iPhone, Find My iPhone Offline Stolen/Lost Phone | Tips to know About Find My iPhone

Settings For Find My iPhone:  The command “find my iPhone” is a recovery tool provided by Apple to enable you to locate and recover your iPhone when it gets lost or stolen. Making use of this tool can possibly stop a thief from accessing your information. This tool works hand-in-hand with GPS and internet connection to help you find your phone using map assistance.Settings For Find My iPhone, Find My iPhone Offline Stolen/Lost Phone | Tips to know About Find My iPhone

The remote features aid you with lock, play sound, erase or show the message info. Now for you to make use of the recovery tool, you ought to set it yourself.

Settings For Find My iPhone | How can I Set up Find My iPhone?

To set up the “Find my iPhone” tool on your device, you need the below guideline for that.

  • Click on the “settings icon”.
  • Click on “privacy” icon and then tap to switch on the location services
  • Move back to settings; add your name or iCloud just the way it appears on your phone.
  • Now search out for “Find my iPhone” tab and switch it on.
  • Now you need to select if your phone should send the last location before the battery went off. Quickly click on “send the last Location” and then put it on.

How to Locate, Lock, Play sound or Erase your Phone

Now, this in particular works with the iCloud platform. Before now, you ought to have set up your device before it got missing. To perform this task, quickly follow the below steps:

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Step 1:move to

  • Log in with the valid Apple ID that is logged in your phone.

Step 2:once you are signed in, click on the “Find iPhone” tab to search for devices signed in with your Apple ID

  • The recovery tool displays it on a map with the device location. Once you are able to locate its location, you are free to look closely at the location by zooming.

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Look for your device on a map. To find your device, sign in to Or use the Find My app on another Apple device that you own.

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If you’ve lost or misplaced an Apple device or personal item, just use the Find Myapp on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the latest

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Use the Find My app to mark a missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, … For an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, you see your device’s current location

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With Apple’s Find My app, you can hunt down your lost or stolen … On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top of

Now when you want to find a particular device instead of displaying all your devices;

  • Move above the map and click on the “All devices” tab.
  • Locate and select the device you want to find.
  • Once you are able to pick any device from the drop menu, click on “I” tab to see other options.

Step 3:pick the play sound to find your phone

  • Click on the “play sound” icon. This is quite important especially when your phone plays sounds which will help you to locate it faster.

Step 4:select the lost Mode option to find your iPhone

  • Click on the “lost mode” widget. This option allows you to stop the person who stole your phone from accessing your data.
  • Enter your desired passcode. Note that if you already have a passcode, you should make use of the passcode. You could also edit the text that will appear on the phone screen if misplaced or rather include your phone number to enable the person with the phone to contact you.

Step 5:Choose Erase iPhone option

This can come as a result of giving up on finding the phone. Thus, when you click on this feature, you will disable track which means you cannot locate your phone again

  • Tap on the “erase iPhone” button.
  • Confirm the command by clicking on “erase iPhone” again to keep off your information on the device from out of reach.

Step 6: Select the green dot if the device is on the move

  • Click on the green dot on the map that stands for your device.
  • Make use of the arrow in the round form to update the location with current GPS data.

Note:whenever the lost phone is switched off, has a low battery, has its location service turned off or as a result of internet connection, your device will not display on the map.

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