IMVU Login: Get Access To IMVU Login Using Your PC And Mobile

IMVU is a webmail used by online gamers to engage and chat while plays game online. The IMVU Inc. is a gaming and Entertainment Company that provides a platform for gamers to meet each other play 3D games and chat online. To access the packages of IMVU Inc. you have to log in to IMVU login page.

The site is very popular with over 50 million users and counting because there is on average about 10 million new users every month. IMVU is free and can be accessed when you register through IMVU  homepage using either your PC or mobile device.

The webmail provides a platform for trade allowing its users to buy different items using promo credits. Real currency can also be used. The packages on sale are 3D scenes, virtual fashion, accessories, and pets. The platform is now somewhat of an American pass time.


To login to your IMVU account using your PC, the following steps will guide you:

  • Using your browser search for
  • When the page opens, click on IMVU login section found on the right colored yellow. This will open a converter box.
  • Type in the email address or avatar and then password in the IMVU login box and click login to enjoy the platform.
  • To be able to automatically enter IMVU you can click on the “remember me” option in the login box, this only works when you use the same browser you used to register as your default browser.
  • If or when you forget your password, you can recover it by clicking on the “forgot password” tab which allows you to use your email to recover your password by clicking the “forgot password” a page opens up and a space where you type in your email ID, a set of directions will be sent to your email which will guide you on how to get a new password.

Accessing IMVU Login From Mobile | Download IMVU Mobile App For Android/iPhone:

To access IMVU account from mobile employ the same process used in the PC version, however, you have to open it through your web browser. There is also an IMVU login app which is supported on Android, apples and windows devices. To access your IMVU login account through your android the following guidelines are to be observed

  • First, open your Google play app
  • Next type IMVU in the search box
  • When you find the app, download and install it.
  • Finally, open the app and type in your email ID or avatar along with your password. This will give you access to IMVU and all the goodies therein.