How to Check the Status of Your LL Bean Order

Are you a frequent customer at LL Bean? Do you often worry about the shipping of your goods/ If so, there is good news for you? After making your purchases at LL Bean, you can monitor your order as it goes through the shipping process with the Track and Order Page on their website. This order tracking feature provides you with the exact description of where your product is in the shipping procedure. This will cool your mind and enable you to know the exact date and time to expect your goods.LL Bean Order

You know that many companies and firms do not have this particular feature on their website to help their customers monitor and track their goods during the shipping process. LL Bean devised this means to give their customers some peace of mind during the shipping process and to enable them to know the exact time their goods will arrive once the follow it up.

I find this to be the best feature on their website. There is nothing like having adequate information about your ordered goods and when they will arrive. Once you have these details, you will know how to handle your customers who demand LL Bean products from you.

However, before you can access the website, it is important to supply your Order Number, Your Last Name, Country, and Billing Zip Code. In your order confirmation email, you got after your purchase, you will see your 12 digit Order Number written on it. Without supplying these details, you will not be able to gain access to your order details and shipping.  After supplying this, click on the Submit button. From there you can get the details of your order and shipping and even know the exact location where your products are.

If you are trying to track a purchase you made at LL Bean store, click on the “Look up a Store Purchase“ unit. Select the right store you made the purchase from, transaction number, registration number, and purchase date. Just get all these details on your receipt. Always keep your receipts safe to avoid any problem. Once you have your receipt, you can access the shipment details.

After supplying the right details, you will receive updates concerning your order for goods and the stage it is in the shipping process. However, you can as well call the customer care agent to get details of your goods if you are not comfortable using this method. Also, individuals who have lost their receipts can as well use this method to get exact details about their goods and when it is going to arrive.


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