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L.L bean MasterCard credit card is a credit score reward card for the store, issued by Citibank. This card was designed with the aim of meeting the need of those with a top credit score. Thus, the minimum credit score to apply is seven-hundred.L.L Bean MasterCard Login

What is your thought over the l.l bean master card credit scorecard? Is it the best choice for you? Let’s check out what the review has to say. Therein, you can now make a decision whether to dive in for it.

However, the l.l bean credit card is a credit card designed for those that purchase often time on l.l bean.  There are certain benefits you get as a user over this platform. You get to earn 4% cashback for any good purchase made at l.l bean, 2% extra benefit gained at the gasoline stations and restaurants. But! You have to register for the L.L Bean MasterCard purchase or some other classes.

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The need for the L.L Bean MasterCard is that it is used as a shop reward credit score for every purchase made. It then offers 4% rewards on purchases you are making at any l.l bean store or via the internet site. Aside from the reward you get with the MasterCard, you will also get extra perks such as Monogramming, Shipping and also returns, to each distinctive sale at the l.l bean.

Recently, l.l bean credit card is issued by Citi banks. Formally, it was issued by Barclays as the L.L bean visa card. But it is now a credit card. The current card is an “open-loop” card in the sense that it can be used anywhere that MasterCard credit score cards are approved.

What are the benefits that you are after? The L.L bean MasterCard is capable of offering users the best rewards on every purchase with other perks.

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Benefits of L.L Bean MasterCard

  • There is no fee attached to the L.L Bean MasterCard.
  • The extra fees and rates on this card include a 5% cash advance fee which is automatically paired with a 26.99% APR.
  • It offers a 3% balance transfer fee and a foreign transaction fee of 3%.
  • It offers APR which ranges from 15.74% to 21.74%, which is said to be logical in the world of store credit cards.

Rates & terms

  • For purchase APR = 15.49% – 21.49%
  • For balance Transfer APR = 16.24% – 22.24%
  • For a cash advance, APR = 26.78%

L.L Bean MasterCard Credit Card fees

Thus, we will show the credit card fees for L.L Bean MasterCard in a tabular format. Moreover, the rates are subject to change.

Steps to apply for L.L Bean MasterCard Credit card online

With this Guide below you can apply for the L.L. Bean MasterCard credit card. Here are the steps;

  • Navigate to the Citibank website.
  • Fill in the application form with personal financial details and other details such as your social security number, address, annual income, and source of employment.
  • Cross-check the information you supplied to ensure they are correct. Then you can now submit.
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The L.L Bean MasterCard credit card will them report your account activity to this set of reporting groups such as Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.

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