Dormeo Mattress – Dormeo Octaspring Mattress

Are you tired of mattresses made only from metal springs or memory foam completely? Do you need the best and the newest innovation in mattress technology?Dormeo Mattress - Dormeo Octaspring Mattress

The Octaspring Mattress is the best and the most ideal mattress now. It is a perfect blend of new mattress technology and the old one to give their users a warmth and comfortable feeling.

Mattresses with only metal spring support can be very noisy and shaky. Then the ones made with memory foam only also have their own problems. You just have to try this new mattress by Dormeo Octaspring, it is simply the best.

Mattresses with only metal spring make your sleep very uncomfortable and tiring. It as well makes the body weak and tired. On the other, memory Foams are very hot to use especially at night as it maintains body heat. Dormeo mattress combines foam springs and memory foam to give you a gentle sleep without any disturbance.

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Dormeo mattress has aerospace technology, breathtaking comfort, cool to the touch cover and highly durable. It aswell has HD recovery foam, Octabreeze Vent, adequate support and UHD Recovery foam. This innovation gives you superior support and natural airflow. The mattress is breathable from top to bottom for natural temperature regulation and very healthy sleep.

Dormeo USA | Better Sleep – Superior comfort, support …

Dormeo® improves sleep with our mattresses, toppers, and pillows featuring our Patented Aerospace Octaspring® technology. Cool Sleep! Amazing Reviews!

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We use SMARTcomfort engineering combining Octaspring® technology with our luxurious memory foam for ultimate performance and support making our mattress8x …

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Dormeo USA · Shop All Mattresses · Dormeo® Remedy Mattress – Winter Sale – 25% Off Discount Applied · Octasmart® Plus Mattress · Dream Bed Lux™ LX510 – Cushion Firm.

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It Literally Breathes – Our patented Octaspring® technology expels hot, humid air and pulls in cool, fresh air making your topper naturally up to 8X more

It gives you the support of a traditional innerspring and the pressure relief of recovery foam without heat at all. Dormeo is a perfect blend of sophistication and tranquility, engineered to give you a balanced sleep experience.

The Octaspring Mattress permits you to sleep with so much ease, keeps your body from getting weak and reduces the heat that memory foam retains. The springs that support this mattress are made from memory foam. Octaspring mattress review from the producers opines that it is 9 times more breathable than other top brands of mattresses in the market.

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If you are really looking for the very best mattress that you can comfortably use without disturbing your sleep, go for the Dormeo Octaspring mattress. This brand has 5 varieties of firmness levels that you as a customer can choose from. They include 55500, 6500, 8000, 8500 and 9500.

To make a purchase of the mattress, you can go to their website and search for “Find a store near you“. Enter your Zip code and locate a dealer in your area who sells the mattress.

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