www.mygenesco.com/ Genesco Employee login Portal

Are you a Genesco Employee? Don’t know how to login to log into the company’s website to access your Paystub and W-2 tax documents online? If yes this post is for you. You will be learning steps to access your Paystub and W-2 via a web portal.

www.mygenesco.com/ Genesco Employee login Portal

However, the website is available for access 24/7. So you can opt-in and out anytime any day with your smartphone or computer device. So, to login to your Genesco employee website read the section below

How To Login To My Genesco Ultipro Portal

Before going further with the login steps, you will need to get the login credentials from your employer, that’s if you’ve not done so.

On the login portal, you will be providing your user ID and password

User ID:The User ID is the first four your name + 6digit employee number. To access your employee number, navigate to your Paystub at the top left side)

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Temporary Password:the password consist of your date of birth, in the MMDDYYYY form.

However, after you provide your login credentials, it will prompt you to set up another password. Afterward, you set up a security question

With this, you can access your Paystub and other important Genesco employee details.

Can’t log in To the Genesco Journeys Employee portal?

If you were not able to access your account, you can contact customer support for help. If it’s due to an incorrect or forgotten password, you try the resetting steps

Recovering Your password

On the login screen, tap on the forgot password link. The resetting feature requires you to provide your User name. This is to aid in the resetting process.

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After providing the details, kindly follow every step that comes up on the screen to reset your password.

During this time, you will be prompted to create a new password.

How To View Your Journey Genesco W-2

Genesco Journeys workers can view their W-2 online, following the steps under.

  • Navigate to the login page, provide your login details
  • Once you log in, tap on the “ Myself” button.
  • Then, tap on the “W2” button, beneath the Pay field.
  • Here you can set up your account for electronic delivery of your W-2, so you can get It on your account or via mail.
  • To make sure you don’t receive a copy of your W-2 at your home address, tap on “I want an electronic copy”.

Getting your W-2 via electronic delivery, you can print out a copy. You will be needing a copy for some purposes like tax. If you have any issue accessing your W-2 you can call on your HR department for assistance.

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Accessing your Paystub

To view your Paystub is very simple and fast using the login step. Follow the steps below to access your Paystub

  • Go to your login website
  • Login to your account
  • Find the “Paystub” button and click on it

With this, you will know the amount you’re paid and how much was deducted for tax etc.

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