www.skywestonline.com – Employee Login to SkyWest Portal

Are you an employee of SkyWest Airlines? If yes, pay attention very well. This piece of information is for.www.skywestonline.com – Employee Login to SkyWest Portal

You can use the SkyWest Online employment portal online to get your company information.  The portal serves as an online HR website for over 12,000 employees of SkyWest.

Employees can have access to the site 24 hours every day. Users are required to enter their login credentials to enable them see their online employee files.

SkyWest Online Employee login Guide

The following guidelines will help employees login to their online SkyWest account:

  • Visit skywestonline.com
  • Enter your employee ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click on the sign in button

First Time Use For New Hires

First timers are required to go through the registration process. This is to enable them create a new SkyWest Online account

  • Visit skywestonline.com
  • Under New Employee
  • Click on “Register” button below for first time users
  • Read the registration terms
  • Click on I Agree button
  • For Employment Verification
  • Enter your employee number, date of birth and ssn
  • Click on the gray Continue button
  • Create a password
  • Setup your security questions
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As soon as you are done with the registration, you will be able to enter your login credentials. This will enable you to have access to your employee file.

Help for Forgotten Password

If you forget your password, use the troubleshooting link to reset your password. You will enter the following details:

  • Visit skywestonline.com
  • Click on the Forgot Password link
  • Employee number
  • Hire date
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your ssn
  • Click on the Continue button

Account Features For Skywest online

As earlier stated, SkyWest Online portal is for the employees of the company. The can have access to the following details all the time without visiting their HR/Payroll departments.

  • Human Resource document
  • Benefits
  • Payroll info
  • Online employee file
  • Work schedule
  • Profile
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Once logged in to skyweseonline.com, skywest employees can update their profile information. They can update the following information: name, date of birth, marital status and address. Their company benefit information is also available for them to review. Such benefits are: 401k, health insurance, profit sharing etc.

Also, employees can view and download paystub information like, W-2’s from the online site. Still, they can monitor their work schedule and time. This is to ensure that they are correctly paid in every pay period.

I the same vein, they can view their deductions, tax info, salary and other payroll info similar to real paper paystub.


SkyWest has over 12,700 employees who are in support of their over 2200 airline departure in a day. The company is located in North America and operates in 205 cities in 42 state in America. This also includes 11 cities in Mexico the Bahamas and 6 Canadian provinces.


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