When your Gmail isn’t working properly or at all, it is helpful to check if it is just you having the issue or if it is the same for everyone else.

This write-up covers what to do when you have an account issue.

One step forward is to check the G Suite Status Dashboard page to find out if Google is aware of the Gmail service irregularities such as missing data, logging in failures, or other functions either working below par or not working at all. One could check to see how long the issue may last.

In cases where Google is unaware of the problem, the owner of the Google account could alert the company.


  1. Go to the G Suite Status Dashboard webpage.
  2. Go to the listing and look at the current status column. A green button next implies there are no known issues. An orange button indicates a service disruption, while a red button means a service outage.
  3. Go to the current date to read the comments. A green button there means you are the only one having an issue and thus should contact support for help. If the button is orange or red, Google is aware of the issue, and there is nothing to do until Google fixes it. Usually, when the button turns red or orange, there is an indication of the issue and an estimated time for its resolution.
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There are headings in the help center such as “Managing your account,” “Fix a problem,” and others. One has to determine the reason for checking out the center. For most people, the purpose of accessing the help center is to seek solutions to frequently occurring problems on your account.

Most of these problems are categorized. To correct or see solutions as they relate to categories, you select “fix a problem.” Categories include:

  • Suspicious or unwanted emails
  • Improving loading and display
  • Missing messages
  • Inability to sign in to the Google account
  • Rejected messages
  • Sync and import
  • Account
  • Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook
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The Help Center is the primary source for finding solutions. If this is not the case, users can contact Google.


When encountering a problem that’s not on the Help Center list, one would have to report the situation to Google. The steps in reporting involve:

  1. On the homepage, select Settings.
  2. Select Send Feedback
  3. In the “send feedback” window, describe the issue.
  4. Add a screenshot of the problem if possible.
  5. Select send
  6. A technician will respond and assist you with the issue.

If a person’s account is part of a paid G Suite account, then he has additional service options that include phone, chat, and email support.

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