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Gmail is a short abbreviation for Google Mail which is the most popular emailing service. Gmail can boast of having over 1 billion users on a daily basis.Gmail Login

However, all you need to know about the Gmail login will be shown in the deep part of the article. Make sure you don’t miss to get the right tips that you need to keep you going.

Note that Gmail is not an electronic mail (email) as many will refer to it.  However, it is a form of electronic mail that is owned by Google to help carry out countless mailing activities.

Advantages of Gmail Account

  • Storage space: Gmail is developed with huge storage space. It ensures users with limitless storage space for files and as well, recovers files by downloading them via the draft, sent or inbox categories.
  • Accessibility: this service is an online anywhere access irrespective of the location of the user as long as the user has the right internet access to their account.
  • Security: Gmail is developed to meet only the user’s access which patent to personal security access. Except someone else has access to your password, that is when your account’s security will be tempered. Aside from someone else having security access, Gmail is a secure service. you can as well recover your account password and username ID if you forgot.
  • With Google account, you can sign up for any app using your Gmail account to login to apps like YouTube, Google Play, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+, Google Drive and so on.
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How to Create a Gmail Account

You will only get the above benefits when you are a registered account with the following steps.

  • Visit the Gmail website at
  • Click on create account
  • Fill in the form with your appropriate details.
  • Accept google terms of service and privacy policy by hitting the checkbox provided > Next
  • Set up the recovery options for recovering your password.
  • A google welcome page will appear showing that your account has been successfully created.

Gmail Login steps

  • Move to Gmail website page at
  • Click on sign in or login button.
  • Enter your email address in the appropriate box. Click on next.
  • Enter your password that you choose earlier.
  • Click on next.
  • You may be prompted to enter a two-factor authentication code. You might be notified via text message to your Gmail phone number.
  • Enter the code in the Gmail text space.
  • Click on next.

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