How to Prevent External Access To Your Gmail Email | Monitor Your Gmail Account Activities

Gmail email is built to handle people or organizational emails. The aim might be defeated when intruders start gaining access your mailbox. How will you feel when you realize that someone has been accessing your email account without your knowledge? This is really terrible as they can do away with your confidential email and leave you in a terrible situation.

If you suspect any unusual activities on your Gmail account, this article will help you resolve the challenges and keep your account safe.

How to Monitor Your Gmail Account Activities

If you want to take an overview of activities on your Gmail email, your first log into your Gmail account by signing in.

With your account fully signed in, look out for the “activities of your Account” button down below in your inbox page. You will see the last log as well as the number of places where your account is log in. you can still check for more details about the IP address of the various login, access types by just clicking details.

You can access the details like country IP of the logged in, and the access type of the said login (example POP, Web browsers used, IMAP and more)

So, if truly anyone is currently logged into your account, you will see the details under the concurrent Session Information. So what you have to do is to click the “Sign Out All Other Session” button and as well change your Gmail password. This will put the intruder in the dark.

You can change your Alert Preference. This button is located down the same page. When you have clicked the button, click “Show An Alert On Unusual Activities”.  With this, whenever Google suspects any funny activities in your account, you will then be placed on alert on the top of your inbox. It will advise you to change your password.

You can enhance your Gmail email security by activating your Two-Factor Security for your Google account.