Rackspace Webmail Login |  Rackspace Your Excellent Cloud Manager

Since the discovery of cloud storage, keeping your important documents forever has never been so easy and so safe. You don’t have to worry about system crash or any virus creeping in to destroy all your data or that of your company.

Though saving in space is not a ride in the park, it requires a certain level of expertise. When you think of that, think of Rackspace.

Your excellent cloud manager. It is a managed cloud company that provides you with all the resources you need to expertly manage your cloud space, so visit www.rackspace.com and enter a new experience of technology.


For a successful Rackspace login (For both Rackspace Webmail Login and Rackspace Cloud login), you first need to create an account, so follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the following URL from your browser: www.rackspace.com.
  • Click on “Sign up” in the upper, right corner of the page.
  • This will give you 5 options:
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Cloud Sites
  • Email & Apps
  • Fanatical Support For AWS, and
  • Office 365.
  • Click on the option you wish to sign up for.

On the next page – for Rackspace Cloud, Cloud Sites, and Fanatical Support For AWS – you can begin creating your account. For Email & Apps, and Office 365, you first need to choose your apps or your Office plan respectively.

Once you have selected the apps or the Office plan, you will then be taken to the account creation page as well.

  • Here, enter your email address and create a username and password.
  • Next, select your security question from the drop-down menu and enter its answer in the given space.
  • Click “Next Step”.
  • Next, enter your Account Information: First and Last Name, Country, Company or Organization (optional), Address, City, State or Province, Postal Code, and Phone Number.
  • Click “Next Step”.
  • Next, provide your billing information: Billing Address, Billing Currency, Name on Credit Card, Credit card number, Expiration date of the card, Security code, and Promo code (if you have one).
  • Read and accept the terms of service and privacy statements.
  • Click on “Create my account”.
  • Next, confirm your account and you are ready to start using the services of Rackspace.

Rackspace Webmail Login

Once your account is created and confirmed, you can log in by following the below procedure:

  • Visit the following URL from your browser: www.rackspace.com.
  • Click on “Log In” in the upper, right corner of the page.
  • Choose your Rackspace Webmail Login from the options given (depending on the option you chose while signing up): MyRackspace Portal, Cloud Control Panel, Cloud Sites Control Panel, Fanatical Support For AWS Control Panel, Rackspace Webmail Login, and Email Admin Login.
  • Provide your login details and click “Log in”.