EarthLink webmail Login| EarthLink Webmail Online at

EarthLink webmail Login| Use EarthLink Webmail Online at

EarthLink webmail: The EarthLink webmail is owned by EarthLink a major provider of infotech (IT), networking and calls. Its head office is situated in Atlanta, Georgia and panders to customers all over the United States. It was established in 1944 and has since grown to become the proud service providers to over 150,000 businesses, with over a million consumers in the United States alone.

EarthLink webmail is available to all new subscribers to the broadband package by EarthLink. The EarthLink webmail is easily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

EarthLink webmail Login

Existing users of this service can log in at any time using their login details. The steps below will guide you on how to login EarthLink email online.

  • Run your browser and visit
  • Look for the space provided for your email and password and key in your login details.
  • When you are done, click the “Sign In” button to continue to your email account page.

Forgot Password

You can never access your account with the wrong password but you can reset a forgotten password. Click on the Forgot Password on the same page of the login. Enter the details as may be needed online, click reset a password to get the page where you can reset your password.

History of EarthLink Webmail

The story about how EarthLink started is interesting. A young man called Sky Dayton at the age of 23 decided to start up his own company after it took him about a week to set up the network connection provided by his ISP. Due to the difficulty he encountered, he decided to provide a service that uses a much simpler and less complex ISP.

Together with his partner Kevin M.O’Donnell and investor Reed Slatkin, they were able to raise funds which were used to start up and grow the business. Their focus paid off and in one year the company grew rapidly and the fruits of their labor began to pay off with the company offering dial-up services in over 98 cities all over the United States.

EarthLink due to its success and rapid growth became a sort of trailblazer being the first company to offer unlimited internet network at a stable rate.

IPO and Expansion

EarthLink continued in its reputation as a trailblazer after making an initial public offer (IPO) on NASDAQ in the January of 1997. That same year EarthLink went up a notch in its quest for excellence by doubling the speed of the internet network being provided. It also entered into partnerships with other companies and soon boasted of a customer base of over one million.

EarthLink also added another feather to its cap when it became the first ISP to offer high-speed internet through DSL. By the year 2000, EarthLink had made several mergers with companies like MindSpring and also acquired other companies and partners. Presently, EarthLink makes over one billion dollars annually in revenue with a continuously growing and loyal customer base.

Security when using Email

EarthLink like every other webmail is highly open to hackers and spam emails. To prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data or info from your account, endeavor to protect your account with good security software. Also, avoid clicking on spam emails and unknown links that randomly appear in your account or network.  A strong and unique password is also very important.

Default settings/EarthLink webmail settings:

The EarthLink webmail operates using three different domains:,, and The domains have the same SMTP port number, 587 and they require a test in the form of a complete and easy email address and password. The EarthLink webmail can be accessed using any device with an internet connection. The webmail can also be accessed by a standard email program which is operated by completing the appropriate PoP3, IMAP and SMTP settings.

WARNING: avoid using this service in public hotspots or WI-FI as it predisposes the device to attacks from hackers and other dangers.

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