The Optonline webmail is designed to help you work online as well as carry out other activities like shopping, paying bills, etc. simultaneously. It is the best work website with an easy to operate system, and a flexibility that allows you to do a lot of things at the same time.

Optonline is very safe and reliable and protects your money very well even helping you to make smart investments and transactions online.

The webmail works just fine on both PC and mobile devices and it is easy to use especially if you have experience of using similar bill paying websites but just like when you buy a new coffee machine and you still need to use the manual guide to learn about its unique capabilities so is it with using Optonline for the first time.

Subsequently, we will be your guide through the world of Optonline; we will share with you its secrets and help you maximize its usefulness. So don’t go anywhere tag along as we tell you the do’s and the don’ts involved.


To access Optonline webmail on PC, the following steps will guide you

  • First using your default browser type in and search for Optonline webmail domain. Once it is opened type in your email address and password in the address bar which is seen in the middle of the page. This will allow you enter into the system.
  • Step 2 involves using your Optimum ID to fill in the required details to access the domain properly.
  • The home screen appears showing you details of packages on offer
  • To make transactions, a page will open up; this page contains space where you can fill in details like your account number, phone number, and Optonline webmail details.
  • Note that mistakes such as wrong spelling, misplaced character (alphabets) will prevent you from making a transaction.


The mobile version of Optonline webmail is slightly different from the PC version. This is because some features require a higher network which the mobile service does not have; also some features may not function as efficiently as it would have done on the PC. Apart from these differences login on mobile is almost similar.

  • The first login requires your email ID and password just like the mobile version

Secondly, there is a “remember me” option which allows you access a page that helps you retrieve your password when you click on it.

  • The home page has a mobile version unlike the PC
  • Once successfully logged in you are free to start transactions and any other activities you like to perform like say pay bills.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls using the steps outlined above you have no problems whatsoever using Optonline webmail.