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Are you an employee of a company that is a client of ADP? If yes, there is good news for you. The ADP ezLabor Manager online platform is for employees of institutions who are clients of ADP to enroll their worked hours and view their employee time card. The platform works in the form of electronic timekeeping for employees to use daily to track their time. Both hourly and salaried employees can use the website. There is supervisor access for the authorization of all time.ADP ezLabor Manage

The website permits you on your own to enroll in the number of hours you have worked daily. It as well gives you room to see the Summary of your payroll. With the above options, you can monitor your working hours and other details and handle issues when they arise. This is unlike other situations where you may not have access to your time card details and won`t be able to do anything if an issue arises.  With this portal, you won`t need to depend solely on the Human Resources Department for your payroll details since you already have access to it.


In case you are a first-timer or a new employee, bookmark on your internet browser. Locate your internet browser`s favorite sites by clicking the bookmarked link to keep you from enrolling in their web address all the time.

Additionally, after the bookmarking, enroll your Employer`s/Client ID. If you have not gotten this, approach your supervisor to get it. After signing in to your account, click on MY TIMECARD at the middle of the screen.

From the selection, MY TIMECARD permits you to supply your hours worked from the previous day. Fill in the blank spaces of Time In and Time Out to automatically calculate your working hours. However, in case you were off the previous day because of sick leave or paid time off, enroll that in the right earning code for any of the reasons.

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In conclusion, click “Employee Approval“ to notify your supervisor to carefully review your timecard. Employees can also gain access to their Payroll Summary to view the summary of hours for a specific Pay Date Range. You cannot find a better option when it comes to managing and controlling your timecard account elsewhere. The ADP exLabor Manager Online Portal is the best as it is easy, safe, and simple to use.

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