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Gmail encryption has to do with making email secure by scrambling the data and making it accessible to anyone who has the right password. Encryption for Gmail is stopping any form of authorization that can decrypt the message. Most times this encryption and decryption of a thing occur without the acknowledgment of the account user.Gmail Encryption

We put this write-in place because the number of ransomware attacks or even data breaches and scam has come to our notice that we ought not to give a chance by not allowing our sensitive information to get infected. This is why data encryption is necessary.

Do you know that you can encrypt social security numbers, bank details, and credit card information from the eyes of prying hackers? Note that as long as there are solutions to email encryption in popular email providers such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and more, there is a possibility that the cybercriminals can still hack their security. But some are better than others which lay the birth of our heading “How to Encrypt Email Gmail”.

How to Send Encrypted Email in Gmail

On a normal ground, Gmail account users’ message is secured by Google’s Standard medium of encryption known as the Transport layer Security (TLS). This will only work when the receiver of your email uses the same email service provider or makes use of an email service provider that supports TLS. Thus this makes all messages that you are passing across encrypted through TSL via Gmail. Over this platform, messages are made difficult such that it cannot be intercepted while it gets to the recipients.

Note that as long as the message has gotten to the recipient, there is no guarantee of keeping the messages strictly private between both ends. So therefore while sending an email you ought to make sure that the recipient’s email supports TLS so that your email can be encrypted. This is why you must choose wisely while making any move.

How to check if Your Sent Email is encrypted

The reason for this is just to help you in order not to expose your sensitive messages online. Using the below steps, you will check if your sent emails are encrypted.

  • First and famous, you ought to start writing your new message
  • Enter the recipient address under the “To” tab.
  • Move close to the recipient name at the right side of the screen; locate the locked icon showing the level of encryption your recipient’s email provider supports. If there are multiple users with different encryption levels, the icon will show that Gmail is held to the lowest encryption status.
  • Click on “Look” to change your S/MIME settings or learn more about your recipient’s level of encryption.

How to check Encryption when Receiving a Mail

  • Scroll to your inbox and open a message.
  • Should in case you make use of Android device, click on “View Details”. Then view the security details. But if you make use of iPhone or iPad, click on “View Details” button and,
  • Look out for a colored lock icon that shows the level of encryption used while sending the message. When you get there, you will notice different colors of the encryption lock button. The one on Green; indicating enhanced S/MIME encryption. This is good for sensitive information and requires the recipient to have the correct key to decrypt the email. Gray; this shows that the message is encrypted via TLS. Red; this means that there is no encryption at all. Otherwise, it does not support encryption.


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