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In my previous post, I wrote about how you can use Email studio to activate auto-purge on your Gmail account. In this post, I will disclose to you other powerful tools Email studio can add to your Gmail.

Do you have a Gmail account or app and not satisfied with the features the app offers? You can take this opportunity to go through this Gmail add-on called Email Studio and you will see that you can do great amazing things with your  Gmail app.Email Studio for Gmail Download

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What is Email Studio?

Email Studio is a Gmail add-on that was developed by Amit Agarwal. It’s a  toolbox inside the Gmail website or app that allows users to include mail merge, email schedule for sending at a future date, auto-replies, etc. Email Studio works in all Android. The IOS version is yet to be released according to the developers.

 Features of Email studio for Gmail

  • Email studio offers you the chance to compose an email now and the add-on will send it at your preferred date and time at a later time. You can also set to be sent to many email addresses at the same time.
  • You can create a draft, choose one or more Google contacts that the email should be sent to then the mail will be delivered to each recipient still having to use “CC” and “BCC”.
  • The add-on has an automated forwarder that can automatically forward emails to any email address based on how you have preset it.
  • Email studio offers you extra features that just only your Gmail App can not offer you. The add-on has an automated email responder that auto-replies to both old and new emails.  Your response can also include documents and media files.
  • With the email studio installed on your Gmail app, you can easily remove yourself from any unwanted newsletters and bulk emails.
  • You can create more identical copies of an existing draft in your box and send it to many people without using the CC and BCC.
  • Email Purge: you can set up instructions to automatically delete emails that match certain criteria. This is done in order to keep your mailbox clean and tidy.
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How to Download Email Studio

The email studio is free for basic usage. But if you need more advanced features such as sending more than 25 emails a day you will be required to upgrade to the premium. When you have the premium you can send higher mails and it does not have any branding. to download the email studio on your PC or mobile device visit Email studio site.

then click on the download button. After download, you will be required to sign in with the Gmail account in other, to start enjoying the features listed above.

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Email Studio for Gmail

You can take this opportunity to go through this Gmail add-on called Email Studio and you we see that you can do great amazing things with your  Gmail app.

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