Gmass Email Limit – A Marketing Tool That Lives inside Gmail –

Gmass Email Limit - A Marketing Tool That Lives inside Gmail –

Gmass Email.

Email is a powerful marketing tool many neglects all because they find it not easy to make use of. Have you heard of Gmass before? This will help you out in your email marketing because you can boost your conversion rate and you can easily personalize your email marketing. There is more about Gmass that you don’t know until you get done reading this. We have a couple of reviews to show on Gmail marketing made easier with Gmass Email. Read on let’s get started with Gmail’s powerful marketing tool, Gmass.

Gmass Email Limit - A Marketing Tool That Lives inside Gmail –

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A Powerful Marketing Tool that Lives inside Gmail

Gmail is a tiny component that facilitates digital marketing. Tiny because we overlook it but then, it is very useful and important when you make use of it very well. However, digital marketing is not complete without the mention of Gmail as a factor that promotes your marketing strategy.


In case you don’t believe, Gmail works perfectly well as other marketing strategies works.

Email Marketing?

Email marketing is simply a facilitating device/medium of digital marketing that grows marketing by sending emails to clients and prospective customers. It is one of the best ways to maintain and establish a long-lasting relationship between you and your customers. This makes customer and business relationships easy. How can I initiate the use of an email marketing strategy?  Let’s find out below.

The real secrete of Gmail marketing is in Gmass Email and what it you expect is what it really is.

Gmail Email Limit

There is a powerful marketing tool that is found in your Gmail called the Gmass. But what could be the limit attached to it, it may really mean something but let’s read on till we figure out what it is trying to interpret. Could the Gmail emailing have limits using the Gmass tool for marketing? There is a limit to this email you can send with Gmass (emailing tool).

However, you can now send emails in a mass of 10,000 with the Gmass tool of Gmail. But using the regular account of Gmail has to put you under the limit of 500 emails with the Gmass for every 24 hours. But clients with the Gsuite account will send up to 2,000 emails per rolling in 24 hours.

Note: Assuming you make use of the Gsuite account, but then you have more than 2,000 addresses you want the mail to pass across, on clicking the Gmass tool, it will enroll 2,000 address out of the total and send in 24hours, and then another 2,000 for another 24hours making it 48 hours until the counts reach the final number of address to be reached out to.

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This really makes use of sensitive timing and a good technical know how. SO it enrolls email per 24 hours basis and will demand a good timing from you. It subsequently sends an email at the exact time of 24 hours when the previous set of mail was delivered.

Gmass Pricing

Of course, this offers a free feature that cannot leverage you with certain features. In other words, it has limited features.

They have a set of plans that are complex – the premium features that require the pay we are talking about. The Gmass is has a premium plan that has complex features that enable emailing services for marketing strategy. But as a new sign up, you get access to a free trial period. Here are the pricing classes of Gmass.

The Minimal:

This plan takes a total cost of US$8.95 per month.

The Standard Pricing:

This plan takes a total cost of 12.95 USD per month.

The premium pricing:

Of course, premium is always full of complex features

How to get the Gmass tool on your Android

You can now add-on Gmass but this is different from the normal google chrome extension you knew about. This Gmail add-on is now on your Gmail accounts and accessible from every device. When you add the button that is when you can access the Gmass from any device you log because it is about your account, not the device. Once it is activated in your account, it continually shows up on every device you log your account into.


To get this button into your account, figure it out with the below steps.

  • First, click on the add-0n button and use the search bar to search for Gmass.
  • Click on the blue install button.
  • You need to approve the command by hitting the permission button that pops out requesting permission to install the tool.
  • Afterward, you can then select the Gmail account you want to add the Glass too.
  • Again will Gmail request your permission? Simply permit the add-on to enable Gmail access to your account and some other you will have to read while on this process.
  • Click on the allow button and wait for it to process.

You have successfully installed this button into your Gmail account and can be accessed anytime and on any device.

There is also an extension for this tool which is the Chrome Gmass extension. You can install the Gmass into your chrome browser by searching for it in the chrome web store. Click install when you see it to be installed immediately.