URL Channel – Why URL Channel Never Works The Way You Plan

URL Channel – Why URL Channel Never Works The Way You Plan

URL Channel

This is always unfamiliar when we talk about URL channels. URL Channel is simply all about Google AdSense over a website or blog page. Let’s figure out more details about this page.

URL Channel – Why URL Channel Never Works The Way You Plan

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What is URL Channel?

The URL channel is a feature that is customized to help report and take track of the performance of a particular domain or website. It is simply a reporting option, the Ads page of any channel. Nevertheless, you can create a URL account for a single page or pages as it suggests to the kind of URL so that the pages will be traced by the channel.

How to create a URL Channel

You can create a channel using the Google AdSense Web interface so that you can track. This is what to do right below.

  • Firstly, you can make use of any browser of your choice.
  • Secondly, using the search bar, find the Google AdSense website, and get your account signed in.
  • Thirdly, by the left side of the menu, click on “Product”. NEXT,
  • Fourthly, find and click on the URL Channel tab.
  • Over the new page, find by the top of the page and click on the “New URL Channel” button.
  • You can then file in the list of URLs that you are about to track.
  • Lastly, click on the “Add URL Channels”button to create and save channels.
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How to create Custom Channels

If you have created ad units and they are already running on your blog, you can now begin now start the grouping of different ad units into channels. This is how to get a custom channel……

  • Open up your web browser and move straight to Google AdSense website so you could log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the left side of the page on the menu tab and click on “PRODUCTS”
  • Click on “custom channels”
  • The next page load in, find by the top of the screen, “New custom Channels” button.
  • Provide the name for the new channel into the delegated space.
  • Select your desired units for the channel from the list of Ad units.
  • Afterward, click on the “Save” button to save the new channel.


The number benefit of creating a URL Channel on your website is to increase your earnings. This is because, with the different channels been active, you will explore the reports created by the channels. And moreover, all the reports get to be placed under your performance report tab and also on the advanced report section. You know how good this can be. Whenever you are making progress, it is this report tab and sections that will enable you to have quick discoveries about it and the particular location of the page that is making progress.

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However, although there are several other website information you will see depending on the set up you made. Now you will know how, when, and segment that is making more. This will also help you focus on what makes your website a very successful one and get more optimization concern for those factors. Detected ads that are not functional can be removed from your blog so that you can focus on what will help increase revenue.