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Activate Olympic Channel on your device today and get access to the best Olympic entertainments. Where are the Olympic games fans? Maximize this opportunity to access tons of Olympic contents.Activate Olympic Channel

Lots of people are getting set for another Olympic games in 2022. While some are looking for a way to watch the concluded 2021 Tokyo Olympic. Could that be the reason the following questions have been trending on google search?

  • How to watch Olympic Channel?
  • How to watch Olympic Channel without cable?
  • Olympic Channel login?
  • How to get the Olympic Channel?
  • Olympic Channel schedule?

If you miss out in the 2021 Olympic, you can’t afford to miss the up coming ones, that’s why you need to activate the channel.

However, to watch Olympic Channel all you need is activate the app on your device. You will be learning how to successfully activate Olympic Channel, in this post. So get a sit as you read through to the end.

How to Activate the Olympic Channel at

To watch any content from the Olympic Channel online, you need to download the Olympic app. Follow the activation steps below;

  • Get your device
  • Launch your web browser to access Olympic channel official page at
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Follow this steps to watch Olympic Channel.

  • To finish the setup of your device, you need to connect your device to the internet.
  • Afternoon connecting it to the internet, then activate your device by simply linking your device with your account.
  • Launch the channel store and search for the Olympic channel.
  • On the search result page, click on it, followed by the download button.
  • Next, go to “My Channels” option from the download menu.
  • Find the Olympic channel at the bottom of the list of channels.
  • Then, tap on the channel.
  • Then, create the account for the channel and then install the channel.
  • Navigate to launch the channel to activate it

Activating Steps

  • After launching, proceed to activate it by simply clicking on the activation link
  • On the activation page, select your provider.
  • Next, provide your activation code.
  • Tap on the continue button.
  • It will prompt you to enter the login details of your cable provider account.
  • You should be able to access the channel and watch Olympic contents.
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Olympic Channel Contents

The channel is currently available to access across the globe. The platform offers lots of contents for viewers. Here are some of the contents

  • Watch the live-action from your favorite sports.
  • Access the award winning original films and tv series.
  • Enjoy the 24/7 thematic linear channels.
  • Access the upcoming schedule of the schedule


Accessing Contents

At the down part of the website, you can search for channels, simply by tapping on the TV channel, Live Events and Original series.

You can find the complete calendar of all the available live streams in your area by taping on the complete calendar tab. The tab at Olympic channel site.

Furthermore, you can discover sports replay or the highlights on the particular event screen, if you missed your favorite event. However, the calendar offers full access to these. And the live sport streams will also be available on the web and on the app.

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Olympic Channel App

The official Olympic Channel application is available on connected TV devices for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and the Roku platform. Also, available on mobile and tablets, thereby drawing fans closer to Olympic sports all year round. Enjoy the platform for free and without subscription.

The app features the following;

A 24/7 live streaming channel featuring original programming

Games event replays and highlights

Live events in selected areas in collaboration with Olympic Channel’s federation partners,

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