www.methodistonlinebilling.com – Online Bill Pay Option

Are you a Houston Methodist patient? If yes, please pay attention to this information. If you received a billing statement in the mail, you can pay for your bill online. You are to make the payment at www.methodistonlinebilling.com.

www.methodistonlinebilling.com – Online Bill Pay Option

The only payment is very easy and convenient. Users can pay their medical bills anytime they want. This is especially as the site is available 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. Patients can use any computer or mobile device that has internet access to access their account.

What kind of bill did you receive in the mail? This will determine the kind of online payment portal you will use for your payment. There are few bill pay options available for patients at Methodist online Billing. Here are the list and link to the portals according to the locations and services they provide.

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Houston Methodist Hospital:

Did you receive a billing statement from Houston Methodist Hospital? You should visit Houston Methodist patient Compass to submit their payment. Also, you should get your 13 digit Patient Account Number from your billing statement. Enter the number at the payment portal.

Similarly, the Patient Compass demands your payment amount. Also, you should provide credit card payment information while submitting your payment.

Are you making a recurring monthly payment? You should get enrolled in an online account. This will enable you to enter your login credentials. Once you log in to your account, you will view your account information, make changes to your contact info, and communicate with customer service. You will also submit payment and ask questions.

Houston Methodist Physicians:

Did you receive services given with the specialty physician Group or Primary Care Group? You will receive a billing statement with a 7 digit number that ends in A1171. If you want to visit their online payment portal, enter your account number, company name, first/last name. You will also enter your address, phone number, email address, receipt of payment, payment amount, and payment method.

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You can also make your payment via electronic debit. This is done through their checking/savings account or credit/debit card. Payment usually takes up to 48 hours before it will be posted to your account.

Houston Methodist Mychart:

There are many features you can get in the Houston Methodist Mychart. This is outside making an online payment. Through this, users can pay their bills, access tests faster, speak with their doctors and set up their next appointment. They can also review their previous appointments and ask questions.

Houston Methodist St John Hospital: Visitors can submit their payment at the Christus ePay payment portal. You can make one-time payments or recurring payments on the site. In your payment, you should use a credit card or checking account.

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It is very convenient to use the online payment portal. The portal is available at methodisonlinebilling.com. The portal makes it easy to pay hospital bills using the mail system. It only takes a few days to make a payment. This is different from the mail which takes 7 days.

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