Helzberg Diamonds Online Bill Payment

Are you a customer of Helzberg Diamonds? If yes, there is good news for you. Helzberg Diamonds now has an online Customer Care Center. This will enable their customers to gain access and manage everything about their accounts online.Helzberg Diamonds

With this online portal, you will be able to see your billing statement online, check your balances, review your history and as well make payments all by yourselves. The site is very convenient to use and easy as well. You can access it from any location you are once you have an internet connection in your mobile device.

However, customers need to enroll to access their accounts. Enrolling requires that you supply your account number, email address, social security number, and create a Username and Password. You can as well sign up for some email alerts to notify you of when you can see your billing statement in your account.

The alerts can remind you not to miss your payments and inform you when your most recent payment has been posted. If you can use your online account to view all the above, you won`t have a hard time at all being a customer of Helzberg Diamonds. All they want is for you to enjoy some convenience as you are their customer.

You know I enjoy the part of paying bills through this online platform. It is fast and very convenient when compared to baying by mail or any other means. Once you make the payment, it reflects on your account immediately. Paying through mail takes some days to reach your account. Other payment options come with charges.

Helzberg Diamonds Online Bill Payment

Paying through the website is completely free. You are free to make a one-time payment monthly on every payment due date or set up recurring payments. Choose the option convenient for you. Customers can pay through their checking accounts, bank drafts, credit cards, or by whatever means.

Do you know that you can also review all your payment dates right inside your account? Customers can as well review their credit history and any other information when necessary. Individuals can print this in case there is an issue to sort out.

You know that you can sign up for statement delivery and paperless email to obtain information through your email account. This will save a lot of paper and reduce the cutting down of trees.

If you are a Herzberg Diamond customer, go ahead to enroll and access the website to enjoy more convenient service.


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