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Craigslist is the leading classifieds service by every standard. It is a website with sections dedicated to jobs, housing, for sale, items needed, services, community service, gigs resumes as well as discussion centers. It is an American classifieds advertisements websites that started in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends.


Formerly, it featured local events in the San Francisco Bay Area and became a web-based service in 1996 and further expanded into other classified categories. Currently, Craigslist covers 70 countries.

Craigslist Operations

Craigslist offers services to more than 20 billion page views per month. With this, it ranks as the 72ndamong websites globally and ranks 11th overall among websites in the United States with more than 49.4 million unique monthly visitors in the United States alone.

What is the Cost of Craigslist Job Posting?

Craigslist job posting prices ranges from $15, $25, $35, $45, and $75 per post. Normally, the larger the city, the more it costs to post a job. The posting fees on Craigslist varies by city, by region, or by state.

craigslist: new york jobs, apartments, for sale, services …

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

craigslist: chicago jobs, apartments, for sale, services …

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

craigslist: san diego jobs, apartments, for sale, services …

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

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Craigslist Job Posting Cost by City

  • Albuquerque, NM  – $15.00
  • Anchorage /Mat-Su, AK – $15.00
  • Ann Arbor, MI  –  $15.00
  • Annapolis, MD  – $15.00
  • Asheville, NC –  $15.00
  • Athens, GA – $10.00
  • Atlanta, GA –  $10.00
  • Austin, TX  –  $35.00
  • Baltimore, MD – $25.00
  • Billings, MT  –  $10.00
  • Birmingham, AL – $25.00
  • Bloomington, IN  –  $10.00
  • Boise, ID  –  $25.00
  • Boston, MA  –  $45.00
  • Boulder, CO  –  $15.00
  • Buffalo, NY  –  $25.00
  • Central NJ, NJ –  $25.00
  • Charleston, SC  –  $25.00
  • Charleston, WV – $7.00
  • Charlotte, NC – $25.00
  • Charlottesville, VA  –  $10.00
  • Chicago, IL  –  $45.00
  • Cincinnati, OH – $25.00
  • Cleveland, OH  – $25.00
  • Colorado Springs, CO  –  $25.00
  • Columbus, SC  –  $25.00
  • Corvallis / Albany, OR  –  $10.00
  • Dallas / Forth Worth, TX  –  $45.00
  • Delaware –  $15.00
  • Denver, CO – $35.00
  • Des Moines, IA  –  $-15.00
  • Detroit Metro, MI  – $35.00
  • Eugene, OR  – $15.00
  • Evansville, IN – $10.00
  • Fayetteville, AR  – $15.00
  • Ft Myers  / SW Florida  –  $25.00
  • Grand Rapids, MI  –  $25.00
  • Hampton Roads, VA  – $25.00
  • Hartford, MS  –  $25.00
  • Houston, TX – $35.00
  • Indianapolis, IN  –  $25.00
  • Inland Empire, CA  –  $35.00
  • Jacksonville, FL  –  $25.00
  • Kansas City, MO  –  $25.00
  • Lincoln, NE  –  $10.00
  • Los Angeles, CA  –  $45.00
  • Madison, WI  –  $25.00
  • Maine  –  $25.00
  • Memphis, TN  –  $25.00
  • Milwaukee, WI  –  $25.00
  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN – $35.00
  • Nashville, TN  –  $25.00
  • New Hampshire – $25.00
  • New Haven, CT  –  $25.00
  • New Orleans, LA  –  $25.00
  • New York City, NY  –  $45.00
  • North Dakota, ND  –  $7.00
  • Oklahoma City, OK  –  $25.00
  • Omaha / Council Bluffs, NE – $25.00
  • Orange County, CA  –  $35.00
  • Orlando, FL  –  $35.00
  • Philadelphia, PA  –  $35.00
  • Phoenix, AZ  –  $35.00
  • Pittsburgh, PA  –  $25.00
  • Portland, OR  –  $35.00
  • Rhode Island, RI  –  $25.00
  • Richmond, VA  –  $25.00
  • Sacramento, CA  –  $35.00
  • Salt Lake City, UT –  $10.00
  • San Antonio, TX –  $35.00
  • San Diego, CA –  $35.00
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA  – $75.00
  • Seattle – Tacoma, WA  –  $45.00
  • South Florida –  $35.00
  • Spokane / Coeur D’alene, WA –  $25.00
  • St. Louis, MO –  $25.00
  • Tucson, AZ  –  $25.00
  • Wyoming  –  $7.00

Recruiting Tips and Craigslist Job Posting

Here are some recruiting tips the can help in posting a job on Craigslist. Start by using a specific job title.

  • Boldly state your company name.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • State clearly the job skills, duties, and requirements.
  • Avoid using vague or generic wording.
  • Do away with non-essential responsibilities and qualifications.
  • Send all candidates a set of screening questions.
  • Then check communication skills by having them answer questions through voicemail.
  • Steps to Post a Job on Craigslist
  • Scroll to and find the city you are posting to and tap on it.
  • Tap “Post to Classifieds”
  • Tap “job offered “, and then continue.
  • Choose the type of job you are offering.
  • Locate your business on the map and upload images.
  • Go through your job posting, tap publish, check your email, and confirm.
  • Then accept terms of use
  • Log in to an existing account, or choose “Pay Now” to pay.

To post a job on Craigslist that will attract better applicants, start by writing a great post that is meant to attract a lot of applicants. When you post this way on Craigslist, UT will get you lots of more applicants, including low-quality applicants. Thus what you need is a better way of screening candidates. It is advised that you start with an auto-mail, that you send to every applicant asking them a series of questions that take time to answer.

Difference Between Paid & Free Craigslist Job Posts?

When you pay for a Craigslist job, you get access to features, including HTML, formatting options, which can make your post look a bit nicer. Currently, paying is a requirement to post Craigslist jobs in the United States. Although there are still some places that allow free posting outside the U.S.

Craigslist started charging for job postings in all U.S. regions on November 1, 2016, and at that time, all cities and regions that allowed free postings changed to $7.00 postings.

Employers cannot post jobs for free on Craigslist within the continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska. Only the U.S. territories of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands still allows for free job postings in the United States. But outside of the United States, there are still some places you can post for free.

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How do the Fees Work?

The fees range from $7 to $75 per job posting in the U.S depending on the city of choice. Unlike many other job posting services, there is no pay per click fee on Craigslist and no way to place your posts above others by paying extra.

These postings cost, from $7-$75 USD, just covers your basic post. Unlike job boards like Indeed, you do not get access to applicant tracking, data about your posts, or crossposting to any other websites for your posting on Craigslist cost.

Is there a list of free cities to post jobs on Craigslist?

Yes, you can find lists of free cities to post jobs on Craigslist in the U.S., but note that these are outdated. Also, there are articles with instructions for posting a free job on Craigslist, but if there were any workarounds, they no longer exist. Thus if you want to post a job on Craigslist in the U.S. you’ll have to pay.

Cost of Posting a Job on Craigslist in a State

The cost of posting a job on Craigslist ranges from $7 to $75 per job. Craigslist prices by the state like in Maine, Delaware, and Wyoming, and also in larger state regions.

How to Make a Craigslist Free Job Posting

  • Scroll to and select the city you want to post to.
  • Tap Post to Classifieds
  • Tap Job Offered

Note, if posting in your area is free, you will not see a price here.

  • Select a category for your job. Then add a job description, map location, and necessary images.
  • Go through your posting and accept the terms of use.
  • Confirm your posting through email, and you’re done.

How Many Craigslist Post Can be Made?

According to Craigslist, the general rule is that you can post to one category in each city every 48 hours. Your adverts may also be blocked if you happen to post two ads that are very similar in the same geographic area even after 48 hours have passed. Removing similar adverts should enable you to post a new one.

How Long Does Craigslist Job Posting Last?

Paid Craigslist job postings can last for 30 days. A free job posting on Craigslist lasts for 45 days. But like we’ve said before, you can’t post jobs on Craigslist for free in the United States anymore.

Is Tax Included in Craigslist Job Posting Charge?

As of now, we can tentatively say it does not appear that there’s a tax on these types of online services in the United States, so we may say for now there’s no tax included.

Is there a free city to post a Craigslist job posting

It is still possible to post jobs for free in many countries on Craigslist outside of the United States. This includes parts of Canada, England as well as the rest of Europe.

Major Englishspeaking cities in Canada including Calgary, are still available for  Craigslist free job postings.

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How to post a job on Craigslist if your jobs get ghosted

Ghosted here refers to Craigslist allowing it to seem like your post has gone live, even though they don’t actually post it because it is suspected of being spam. When this happens, go through what you’ve posted again, and ensure you are offering a clear, grammatically correct description of a real job.

Posting a job opening in other countries

It is quite easy to post a job opening on Craigslist in other countries. It’s simple, just scroll to search for the country, as well as the city you want to post in and go through your normal process of posting a job on Craigslist.

Is posting a job for free outside the U.S worth it?

To answer this question, we would say it largely depends on what you are hiring for. If you are thinking of hiring for a local job, in the U.S., city, and there is very little chance of someone relocating to take it, then free job postings on Craigslist probably is not worth it. But if you are hiring for a remote work position, there can be a great way to reach people. Often, you can find experts who are scouting for jobs on Craigslist and who are interested in earning money in dollars because it goes better for them locally.

Is there a Craigslist for employers that is still free in the U.S?

Yes, you can still post to Indeed for free in the US, and it is still as good as the Craigslist post a job for free features.

Craigslist has been adjudged one of the best online job boards in the U.S., that can make your job posting as an employer simple and fun. Craigslist stands as one of the world’s most popular job boards, with millions of jobs posted each year across hundreds of different cities. With all that you now know, you can now utilize this job board and take advantage of all the features it offers for your benefit.

Craigslist gets more than 2 million new job listings per month, which makes it one of the top job boards in the globe. Thus, it goes to say that with the 23rd largest U.S. cities listed on the Craigslist home page collectively receive more than 300,000 postings per day just in the “for sale” and “housing” sections as of October 2011, Craigslist remains as one of the global job posting sites that can deliver the right job postings for job applicants.

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