How To Avoid Job and Employment Scams on Craigslist

How To Avoid Job and Employment Scams on Craigslist

Craigslist is a well known classified advertisement and Marketplace site and here are tips on how to avoid job and employment scams on Craigslist.

Craigslist enables users to post job listings and since it was opened in 1995, the site has earned a reputation for having many job scam postings.Scams on Craigslist

These scam positions often have generic job titles like “Administrative Assistant” or “Customer Service Representative”, and often claim that you can work from home. Such listings usually lack a specific company location or claim that they are international. Thus when contacted, the advertisers will often claim that they can’t interview you in person.

Avoid Craigslist Job Scams

In order to avoid Craigslist scams, you have to keep an eye out for the red flags. Ensure your research on companies before you apply for jobs to make sure that the information on the listing matches that on the website. You must tread with caution with companies that do not list any contact information or a website on their job posting, and also do not share it in follow-up email communications.

It is advised that you not send writing samples, your resume, or any contact information before you are confident a listing is not a scam, and never ever send money via a Craigslist listing.

Your choice of search keywords can also help you avoid scam, thus you have to be specific as you can, and if possible, list both a specific job title and location to evade these scam listings.

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Scanty Company Information

In cities where the listing is displayed for free and in other places, where small fees are attached, there might be a tendency for scammers to post fake ads. Thus be careful of very vague or generic job postings on Craigslist.

Normally, a job advertisement includes information about the position, details on the company, and a specific job title. Even though some companies may post on Craigslist because of anonymity, but still, if the post does not include a specific job title or outline the position’s responsibilities, then it is a red flag that the listing is a scam.

Read through the ad for poor grammar, typos, and an unprofessional look. No matter where it is posted, a job listing should appear professional and typos, grammatical errors, slang, or excessive amounts of exclamation marks all come off as red flags.

Jobs That Offer High Compensation on Craigslist

Be careful of jobs that list/offer extraordinary payscales. If the pay sounds too good to be true, it may be a scam. That is mostly true for jobs that do not need a lot of experience.

Job Postings that Needs Purchases and Downloads

Some ads will require applicants to purchase specific software or download a particular app to view more information about the company. Legitimate employers won’t ask job applicants to pay for anything linked to job applications or hiring.

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If a listing mentions fees, or if you get an email requesting them, avoid further communication. Also, remember that legitimate employers will probe you for bank account information prior to hiring you and then it would be only for setting up direct deposit after you get employed with the company.

Craigslist Job Warnings

Craigslist offers a warning as regards some of the typical scams which could be listed in the Jobs Section of the site.

he scam postings may include jobs that are not legitimate and offers a chance to participate in paid research studies that do not exist or list other fake opportunities to supposedly earn money.

The applicant is then directed to fee-based services and sites where you are instructed to key in personal information which is used for identity theft. Those sites include;

  • Sites that offer opportunities for making money.
  • A credit check or credit report.
  • Sites aimed at delivering malware or misusing your personal information.
  • Background checking services.
  • Sites that prompt you to key in your resume, bank account, or credit card numbers, or other personal information.
  • Sites that ask you to sign up for a “free” trial offer
  • Sites that offer fee-based training or education
  • Survey and focus group sites.

Be it as it may, Craigslist has numerous legitimate job listings, all you need to do is be cautious when applying for jobs and giving out personal information.


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