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Are you a Graphic designer? Are you looking for a job in the U.S? Do you want to work in the U.S as a Graphic designer? If yes this article is for you.

In this article, we will be listing some available Graphic designing jobs in the USA.

That’s not all, we will also tell you how to secure a Graphic designer, job in the USA with ease.

But, you have to read through to get every info you need.

Now, let’s get started.Graphic Designer

Who is a Graphic designer?

A graphic designer is an expert that arranges images, graphics, art, and other visual elements to create a piece of design with the goal of attracting the interest of clients.

Types of Graphic Design Jobs?

Below are some Graphic designer jobs to consider:

  • Photo Editor
  • Apparel graphic designer
  • Logo designer
  • Packaging designer
  • Web designer
  • Multimedia designer
  • Advertising designer
  • Publication designer
  • Art director
  • User interface (UI) designer
  • User experience (UX) designer

How to get a Graphic designing Job in the USA

Follow these easy steps below to get a Graphic designing job in the USA:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field
  • Obtain an associate’s degree in the above subjects
  • Have an experience as a graphic designer or in a related field
  • Possess the basic skills of a Graphic designer.
  • After that, design a well-organized CV that will please any employer in the U.S.
  • Then utilize the internet and social media platforms, to connect to U.S employers and companies.
  • Next, search for Graphic designing jobs in which you have an interest and place your application letter with your CV attached to it.
  • After that, wait patiently for their response.

How to apply for Graphic designer Jobs in the USA

Follow these steps below to get a Graphic designer Job in the USA:

  • First, you must meet up with the necessary requirements to work as a Graphic designer in the U.S.
  • Then, design a CV and a good formal letter that will please your proposed employer.
  • However, you can use the internet and social media platform to connect to most US employers or companies.
  • After that, submit your CV and application letter to any company of your choice, then wait for their interview.
  • Once, you’ve been accepted for the job, your potential employer will then reach out to you.
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Benefits of being a Graphic designer in the USA

Below are some benefits of being a Graphic designer in the USA, they are:

  • You can make Decent Money
  • Use of Creative and Analytical Brain Parts
  • Appreciation for your Work
  • Highly Coveted Skills
  • Steady Demand
  • You can Work from Home
  • Also, you can be Creative
  • That’s not all, you can also Work for Many Companies
  • You can be Self-Employed
  • Also, you can Make Money on the Side
  • Good Life Balance
  • You can get benefits from Social Sites
  • On the other hand, you can Avoid Physical Work
  • Good Job Prospects
  • Secured Future

Best Graphic designing schools in USA.

Below are some top colleges for Graphic designers in America:

  • Academy of Art University


  • Arizona State University


  • Auburn University


  • Boston University


  • California College of the Arts


  • Carnegie Mellon University


  • Columbia College Chicago


  • Drexel University


  • Iowa State University


  • Maryland Institute College of Art


  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design


  • North Carolina State University


  • Northeastern University


  • Parsons School of Design


  • Pratt Institute


  • Rhode Island School of Design


  • Rochester Institute of Technology


  • Savannah College of Art and Design


  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago


  • School of Visual Arts (NY)


  • Temple University


  • Texas Christian University


  • University of California, Los Angeles


  • University of Cincinnati


  • University of Florida


  • The University of Illinois at Chicago


  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


  • University of Michigan


  • University of Minnesota


  • University of Southern California


  • The University of Texas at Austin


  • Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Yale University


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Available Graphic designing jobs in the USA

Below are some available Graphic designing jobs in the USA:

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Illustrator I

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers (hiring all levels!)

Production Designer, Arcade

  • Apple
  • Culver City, CA
  • Apply Now: https://jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/200371070/production-designer-arcade?team=NA

Graphic Designer

  • EST Inc.
  • Antlers, OK 74523
  • Full-time
  • Apply Now: https://www.estinc.com/job/graphic-designer-engineering/

Production Artist

  • Quad
  • Modesto, CA
  • Apply Now: https://www.bequad.com/job/-/-/11056/36950253920?src=JB-10101

Creative Design Analyst- Graphic Designer

  • Highmark Health
  • Pennsylvania
  • Full-time
  • Apply Now: https://careers.highmarkhealth.org/explore-jobs/job/j214251-creative-design-analyst-graphic-designer/?source=INDEED

MKT Design Assistant

  • Qcells
  • Irvine, CA
  • Full-time
  • Apply Now: https://jobs.lever.co/qcells/a63ff304-82fa-4eb4-a038-be92e8240ad8?lever-source=Indeed

Junior Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Sketch Artist

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer – The Toro Company

Graphic Designer, Mid


We hope we’ve been able to give you all the info you need on Graphic designer jobs in the USA.

Hence, if you have any questions about Graphic designer jobs in the USA, please leave a comment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How much is a graphic designer paid in the USA?

In 2020, an average Graphic Designer earned $53,380 a year.

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How many hours does a graphic designer work a day?

In general, all the Designers work for 8-10 Hours per day.

However, the hours can vary based on different projects and Different Clients.

Is graphic design a good career in the USA?

Yes, Graphic design is a great career for people who are creative thinkers and enjoy art, technology, and communication.

Which designers are in demand?

User experience (UX) designers are one of the most in-demand designers working today.

How can I become a graphic designer in the USA?

Follow these easy steps below to become a graphic designer:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or related field.
  • 1-5 years of experience in the Graphic Design field
  • Ability to develop and execute creative and unique Graphic design.

Is graphic design a high-paying job?

Graphic designers earn high salaries due to the specialized nature of their work and because the demand for graphic designers is high.

Can I learn graphic design in 3 months?

It is possible to learn basic graphic designing skills and start building a portfolio of work in just a few months.

Which app is used for graphic designing?

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphic design software and is used by millions of artists around the world.

What do graphic design companies do?

Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers.

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