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“Job boards” are search engines that advertise and display job postings by employers, to seek for new employees.  These job boards often target specific industries like Healthcare, transport, or technology. You could comfortably apply for a job from job boards and they are the most popular sites on the internet.

The popularity is quite important. It gives you the confidence to target the right candidates when you post your jobs. However, there is a high chance of many people seeing your job post.

In as much as there are popular top boards, it won’t be a bad idea in trying new job boards out there. Check out for the set of top job boards for fast Hiring.

Top Job Boards for Fast Hiring

  • Indeed: indeed is one of the best platforms to search for jobs. This all began as a search engine for job and job aggregator down to becoming the biggest platform to acquiring simply hired job posting. it features every entry-level to executive jobs, full and part-time jobs.
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor is another popular platform where employers post jobs daily. It allows you to see the employer’s ratings and comments left by employees. Through this platform, you can decide where to apply vividly as you can access the rating info.
  • Craigslist: before now, craigslist offers much. This made people think that is not a free job board. It supports freelance work and local jobs. Currently, Craigslist charges for job postings in most regions, thereby making the value and quality of job posting to improve.
  • LinkedIn: this is the world’s most popular social network for professionals. It has thus, become a favorable place for a job posting and handling of talent management as a result of active users. It supports white-collar jobs as it features professional positions of desk jobs.
  • Monster: This could be the ideal board for a wide range of jobs because it has a great resume database. The price effectiveness gets cheaper based on the number of postings you buy.
  • Facebook: this is another great place to post jobs most especially when you are out for passive recruit. Postings of this platform can be free but you can increase the visibility to promote your posting and it will be defined by your willingness to spend money.
  • Google for Jobs: Google for Jobs runs an embedded feature of the normal Google search engine. Thus, candidates will have search for jobs near me or sales associate jobs to see a list of jobs Google has collected recently. It is not possible to post jobs on Google jobs unless your ATS supports the Google Job Posting Schema format for your jobs to appear here.
  • CareerBuilder: this is one of the most trafficked job sites in the US. However, it has built direct relationships with 92% of Fortune 500 companies. The pricing is pissed off from the number of posts you buy. Thus, purchasing job posting in bulk over this platform creates better pricing.
  • jobs: this board was created by DirectEmployers as a nonprofit member, owned and managed through an association formed by Fortune 500 companies. However, this platform features membership employers only to post jobs.
  • Jobvertise: we pre-assume that this is the number one platform that serves at no cost for job and resumes database. Pricing is based on a monthly membership.
  • JobsRadar: this is a US-based platform. This platform runs to give employers access to more than 50 million job seekers in the US.
  • Snagajob: Snagajob targets the hourly job market and known as the number one platform for the hourly job market. It has claims of over 60million registered job seekers. You could find a typical hourly job at the hotel industry, retail, and restaurants. You’ve got wages between $10 and $20 per hour.
  • JobsFlag: JobsFlag is a board that supports job postings from around the web and ready to feature postings from members. Also, it offers a membership-based pricing plan with prices available upon request.
  • Nexxt: Nexxt board has claims of 53 million active job seekers and about 15 applicants per job posting. It has been in existence since 1998 and well known as Beyond.
  • Career Jet: Career Jet supports applicants to search for jobs already posted all over the However, employers are now faced to pay to have their jobs advertised on career Jet on a cost per click.
  • Juju: this board supports a single search for applicants to search for jobs that have been posted on other sites around the internet. It offers employers the opportunity to pay to have their jobs advertised on Juju, on a cost-per-click basis. It features millions of job seekers that can see your ads.
  • CareerBliss: CareerBliss can be generally referred to as a Cultural Job search engine. It targets job seekers that focus on culture as a way to help job seekers find employment. Marjory, the site tends to feature job seekers who are educated and well experienced.
  • WeWorkRemotely: WeWorkRemotely is a popular job board in place to hire remote workers. It specializes majorly in software development. Also, it is an ideal source of writers, markers, and other startup roles.
  • Geebo: Geebo is a classifieds site the same as craigslist. It sieves out scams and other arrogance for job seekers. It makes sure that it features employers post in most of the highly visited websites in the US.
  • ClearanceJobs: ClearanceJobs is a job board is the largest recruiting network in the defense industry. It attracts job seekers with high-security clearance. It offers price for both membership and pay-per-click.
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