Ever bank Field Live Stream of New Video Boards

Do you know that Ever bank Field is now showing Live Stream of New Video Boards? This is because the Jacksonville Jaguars are renovating their stadium with new scoreboards.  With these renovations, Ever Bank Field is now more conducive for fans as well as the individuals that play games at the stadium.

There is nothing more than a very beautiful stadium with a live stream of new video boards. It is the best view any fan can have while watching people play games. This as well makes the game being played very interestingly.Ever bank Field

Ever bank Field is experiencing a lot of video upgrades. The major and most captivating ones are the 2 large scoreboards situated at both end zones.  These scoreboards are the largest scoreboards for any outdoor stadium. They each measure 60 feet high by 362 feet wide.

They as well have 13mm HD pixel spacing. These video boards are always used for feature plays, stats, sponsors, scoring info, instant replays, live-action and lots more. This new development gives everyone at the stadium including children a perfect view.

Ever bank Field Live Stream

Moreover, there are ribbon displays showing 15mm HD Pixel spacing below each end zone display. This comes with a dimension of 3 feet high by 365 feet wide. There are also new displays at each corner of the stadium above each tunnel.

Do you know as a fan, you can watch all the building excitements live when they were unfolding? Here, you get to see the construction process and how all the new equipment was put in place. To watch this, go to www.jaguars.com/livecam.

The whole construction process was live-videoed to give you a very beautiful and exciting experience about the whole process of renovating the stadium. Make sure you watch this, it is so exciting. You can download the videos and watch with your friends.

Also, there is new signage along the upper deck of the stadium. The whole renovation process was very amazing. Before, it used to be so boring watching events and games in the Ever Bank Field but now it is very interesting. Many people even go to the stadium for sightseeing at night.

Furthermore, the renovations have attracted more fans to the stadium. Now so many people gather there to watch each match and game. With millions of crowd, the players are motivated to give their best in the game they play. If you have not been going to the Ever Bank Field, now is the time to start enjoying your moments there.


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