How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail

How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail

The recent update on our Gmail service made a lot of changes and rearrangements. So, therefore, as a result of this, most people have been asking a lot of questions pertaining to their contact location. So the header “How to Find Contacts in the New Gmail” is a result of the recent update on the Gmail platform?Contacts in the New Gmail

Gmail is now known as the New Gmail while the previous one is known as the Classic. While this seems difficult for people to access is because the Classic Gmail has a drop-down of contact at the top-left of the homepage and it aids quick access to contact and tasks.

However, in the new Gmail design, they added tasks to the new right side of the panel. But the question still remains “where is the contact tab?

Note: for your information, there is no short link/quick to locate contact anymore. But you can actually add one by yourself using the little-used app drawer at the top right of the panel. The short answer is that there is no quick link anymore.

You can add one yourself, though, by using the little-used app drawer at the top right. Take a good look at what I am talking about; the previous Gmail frontal. You know exactly what am talking about.

Just click on it and then look out for the bunch of icons for various Google applications. Furthermore, if contacts are not among the list out there, click on the “More” button at the bottom. There you will definitely see the Contact tab.

You can as well re-arrange the icons to the way you want it to be by dragging it to the permanent site. Just locate the icons in the drawer and drag contacts icon to wherever it will put in more disposed to you.

Now, you can quickly access Contacts by opening the app drawer and then clicking the “Contacts” button.


Alternatively, use a Bookmark s

From the above-discussed method, we talked about using the drawer to open Contacts in a new tab, which some people are not happy with.

Unfortunately, there is no way this can be fixed with Gmail itself. However, if you care about not opening Contacts on the same screen then you can just create a bookmark for Contacts in your browser.

Google Contacts lives at Then simply open that page and add it to your bookmarks bar. You can now open your contacts whenever you want. Was that helpful? Thank me later!


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