AMAZING FREE VIDEO CONVERTERS – suitable high video resolution

The following are some of the very good free video converters out there. They include:



First, this is a free video converter program that can convert videos to 4K resolution. 4K resolution is a very high video resolution suitable for ultra-high-definition success. Google Drive and Dropbox are used here and the converter is macOS and Windows supported. There is however a constant upgrade request, displays are offered during setup, and installing the program takes a while.

Uninstalling the converter is quite difficult.


Secondly, this free video converter has a simple design that anyone can use. You simply open a video file, a folder, or DVD, choose an output file and then click start to convert the clip. The advanced settings here include the quality or size of videos and modifying frames.

FFCorder works on most versions of Windows and it is less stable on 64-bit Windows systems.

Free Audio Video Pack

Thirdly, this consists of several portable video converters combined into one complete suite. It used to be known as Pazera Video Converters Suite. Using the Audio Video Pack, you would be asked which file format you want to convert to and from. Then the appropriate program will be Launched to convert the file you specified. This makes converting quite easy.

The converter is lightweight, easy to uninstall and there are no annoying ads. It doesn’t convert files that your device cannot play.

Online Converter

It is an easy-to-use online video converter that lets you convert videos from a URL. It doesn’t need a locally stored copy of the file to convert it and no signup or installation is required.

To properly convert a file, select the format you want to end up with so the site will open the actual video converter page. Load file from the computer, URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox and choose any of the optional editing settings before downloading the converted file.

Online Converter works with several operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and more. All you need is a functional browser.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Also, this converts videos to different formats that can be played on various devices including phones. It allows a person to add animations, visual effects, voice-overs, and other audios while converting a file. In setting up Movie Maker, you must select the “Choose the Programs You want to install” option and avoid getting the other programs that are part of the suite.

Format Factory

Lastly, Format Factory is a multifunctional media converter. The file type the video is being converted to is selected, the file is loaded and then the conversion is run. Advanced options like aspect ratio, bitrate, and editing the audio channel are available. The interface though is not exactly user-friendly.


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