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Cato – is a place of fashion. Women are love fashion and will never denier their passion for it.

Cato Corporation is an American retailer that deals in fashion and accessories. They offer business to the public entirely. This company was founded in 1946 by Wayland Cato. Over the years, the company operated about 1,372 stores under the names; Cato, Cato plus, its fashion as metro and versona.Cato Fashion

However, Cato Company is headquartered in charlotte of North Carolina.

Specifications of various store division

  • Cato and Cato plus – specializes in junior, misses and plus sizes.
  • Its fashion – specializes in junior and plus sizes.
  • Its fashion Metro – specializes in clothing for men (big and tall men, infants and toddlers.
  • Versona – Exclusive apparel and accessories.
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Wayland Cato founded his company Cato in 1946 after he had left a united merchant together with his son Wayland Henry, and Edger Thomas.  The company was pushed publicly in 1968, later move to private in1980 for a while and later switched back to public again in 1987.  Cato struggle bankruptcy in its early days but broke out of it in the 1990s after he took into consideration a new discount pricing strategy and updated merchandise.

Cato’s fashion first e-commerce store

Cato fashion has launched the company’s first e-commerce storefront initiative at  However, this works with the apparel merchant so that they will showcase female fashions, shoes, and accessories via the storefront to complement the company’s massive brick-and-mortar footprint comprising of 1,300 store locations across 30 US States.

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Most times, it seems easy to say that a company launched an e-commerce store without knowing the real backup in order to achieve such great success.

However, Cato fashions partnered with celebrant Technology for completion of their e-commerce initiative, thereby offering the entire line of Cato fashion merchandise for female shoppers, including an expanded array of sizes and colors, a platform.

However, Cato fashion retailers based in Charlotte offers bonuses to American women and girls ever since the company introduced the brick-and-mortar retail landscape in 1946. The establishment of the online store is to help expand the effort of the in-store inventory while providing a dedicated online destination for Cato shoppers.

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