iCloud Mail for Android – What is iCloud Mail | Create a Password for iCloud Account

This service is brought to those who have switched from iPhone to Android. So this an ideal platform brought over to android devices so that you don’t need to let go of the iCloud services. Before the end of this article, you will be able to appreciate this opportunity and also you will discover how to add or set up the iCloud email address on your Android device. It is possible to use iCloud Mail for Android.iCloud Mail for Android

iCloud Mail for Android

Now you must have been conversant with what this is really talking about and they should be no reason to be confused. It is specifically designed for individuals who have the account already and want to set it up on their Android device.

Actually, this service is developed and owned by Apple Company which was designed for the interest of sending and receiving mails. But on this note, they gave come to realize that one can lose his/her app phone which will require a lot of costs to get another one at that immediate time. By so doing, they have come up with this idea of you still enjoying the platform of iCloud Mail.

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What is iCloud Mail?

This is software designed and own by Apple to enable users to perform their mailing activities and manage calendars and contacts. So now there have made it that when you receive an email, you will be able to access it anywhere using any of your devices.

How to set up an iCloud Mail on Android

The first thing you should do pertaining to the “two verification Authentication” on your account is to create a password for the iCloud email address. Afterward, proceed to add the account to your Android.  Ensure you add a specific password to the account rather than the “two verification Authentication” by following the below instructions.

  • Launch your web browser and,
  • Visit the site at www.appleid.apple.com.
  • When the home page opens, you will see “Sign” using your Apple ID.
  • Click on the “generate password” option below the security field.
  • Type in your password and move on.
  • Locate and click on the “create” tab. Now while choosing a password to ensure you enter a password you will be able to remember because it will still be needed for the next step.
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How to add your iCloud email to your Android device

Follow these simple instructions outlined below to enjoy the iCloud services on your Android device.

  • Open up your Android phone and swipe down from up to access the settings tab which is normally represented with a gear icon at the top.
  • Go ahead and click on the settings button.
  • Click on the “accounts” tab. Sometimes these steps vary because of diverse phone production companies. But ensure you check out for the above illustration. Go ahead and,
  • Click the “Add account” tab.
  • Click on personal “IMAP” it will definitely have the Gmail logo next to it.
  • Key in your iCloud email address
  • Tap on next button
  • Enter back the password you used earlier in the first section.
  • Click on the next box. As long as you entered the correct email and password, you are good to go. Your iCloud account will now show in your list of accounts and you can access the inbox right inside the Gmail app.

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