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Create a SoundCloud | How to Create a SoundCloud Account

Soundcloud creates account talks about creating a Soundcloud account. Soundcloud is an online platform designed to distribute, stream, upload, record, and sharing music on the platform. Obviously, it is the world’s largest music platform that guarantees a wide range of compatible devices such as iOS and Android devices. You may ask if this site can be accessed by non-registered.SoundCloud Create Account

Yes! But there is limited access. You can actually make use of the Soundcloud platform as a guest but you won’t be able to access your playlist and have unlimited access to the Soundcloud platform; so, therefore, you would have to create a Soundcloud account.

How to create a SoundCloud Account with Google

Knowing what you will enjoy, you must have made up your mind to create a SoundCloud account. Create your SoundCloud account using Google. Check out the below steps:

  • Launch your web browser and navigate to Enter that URL in the search bar.
  •  Locate the signup option and click on it. You will locate it at the top right corner of the page.
  • Next on the page is where you will see “Continue using Google”. Click on the option.
  • It will bring out a form for you to fill. Enter your email address and click on next to continue.
  • Enter a password on the text box displayed. Click on the CAPTCHA to verify that you are human. Afterward, click on “Accept and continue”.
  • Next on the platform is to enter your age and as well your gender (female or male) and hit on “Continue”.
  • Pick a display name and enter it in the box for the display name. This serves as the display name for your SoundCloud account. Afterward, click on the “Get started” button.
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You are expected to accept the community guidelines and terms of use. This derives a confirmation mail for you. Open up the mail and verify the mail by clicking on the link that is attached to the mail. Then you will be directed to your Soundcloud account.

How to Create a SoundCloud Account with Facebook

This is also another method you can use to sign up for the SoundCloud account. With your Facebook account details, you can sign up for Soundcloud. Check out the below steps:

  • Also, Take the first step to access the website at
  • On the signup homepage, locate and click on the “Continue with Facebook” option.
  • Next, Provide your Facebook account login details in the respective Colum and click on “Accept and continue”.
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As long as you provide accurate detail you will be directed to your Soundcloud account homepage.

SoundCloud Sign in

This is particular to those who already have an account already. If you already have a Soundcloud account, it is quite easy to sign in to the account but with the following steps below:

  • Also, Navigate to
  • Look out for and click on the “Sign in” option on the homepage.
  • Fill in your email address and account password and click on “Sign in”.

You will be directed to your SoundCloud account if the information provided is accurate.


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