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Are you a GreenShades employee? Do you know that you can sign in to the GreenShades Employee website to access your paystub details? However, you will need a tablet or computer with the internet. Once you have access to this payroll account, you will not need to depend on the HR Department for every detail you need to obtain. After logging in to your account, you will gain access to the hours you have worked, current pay cycle, working hours and your schedule, payment details, payment due dates, federal and state income taxes, deductions, benefits of employees, and lots more details.

GreenShades Employee

To access your payroll details

go to Supply the following details to sign in: company name, green employee company code, corporate email address, or corporate phone number. After supplying the above details you will gain access to your account. You can get the above login credentials from the HR.

From the GreenShades Employee portal, you can view your paystub whenever you want to. The paystub gives you details like pay period dates, pay rate, earnings, taxes, and lots more. Employees can as well view their pay history if they want to. You can review and submit your timesheet for your supervisor or manager to approve from your online account.

Furthermore, you can view your Paid Time Off and sick balances from your account. You can also submit requests directly to your manager. Also, another interesting aspect of the online portal is that you can make changes and updates to your payroll account. You can make these changes during the Open Enrollment period done annually. Employees can change their marital status, change their account number, change their email address, and phone number. Whatever changes you are making, always seek the consent of the HR and get their approval.

Moreover, employees can carefully review their benefit plans and ask questions in areas they do not understand. The HR is here to help them explain their benefits in detail. This self-service portal saves both the company and employees’ time and money as it makes everything convenient for both parties.

If you are a new employee of GreenShades, go ahead to sign in for the Employee Self Service to enjoy some convenience. It will save you both time and energy.

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