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Are you an employee of Trubridge Electronic Paystubs? If yes, pay attention to this information. You can access Trubridge Electronic Paystubs Portal at The portal is made available for employees. They can use it to view their paystubs and W-2s. Employees can access the site 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. – Electronic Paystub Guide


First Time Users at Trubridge Paystub

Are you using the Trubridge Paystubs website for the first time? Before logging in to the site, you must get registered first. Here below are the instructions you will follow:

  • Locate the “New User?” link on the homepage
  • From the New User Registration page, enter the hospital code which your employer should have provided
  • Enter your employee number
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Enter your email address
  • Check the email notification box
  • Select Register
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After the registration process and creating of login credentials (User ID and password) you will be able to access your online account. Then, you can view your paystub.

Forget Trubridge Paystub Login Info

Have you forgotten your user ID or password? Simply use the self-help information resetting feature. Click on the “Forgot your User ID or Password” link. The link is on the homepage. With the link, you will get assistance.

  • Select Forgot your User ID or Password
  • From the Reset User ID and Password page, enter the employee number
  • Enter company #
  • Enter social security #
  • Enter email address
  • Select Reset

Before you reset your login credentials, you will also need to create a new User ID and password. If the self-help feature could not resolve your problem, then contact Paystub Trubridge at 1-877-543-3635 or contact the Internet Call Management System. You can access it at

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Trubridge Electronic Pay Stubs Info

If you are using the portal, you will have access to Trubridge Electronic Paystubs only. With that, you will no longer use the paper paystubs which are printed and mailed to your home.

The online paystub is similar to the paper paystubs. It provides the same payroll information. Such information includes the duration of service, deductions, taxes withheld, etc. You can only view and download your W-2 when it is available in your account.

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