What is HTTPS? https 500 error – 500 Internal Server Error

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS: there are several ways to describe this. You will see it as the lock icon in the address bar, some will call it an encrypted website connection. This is how others still refer to it as so many things. Before now, HTTP has been in use as it was reserved primarily for passwords and other sensitive data, but now HTTPS has driven the world to leave HTTP. It is just the letter “S” that changed the system. Now, what does this “S” stand for knowing full well what HTTP means?What is HTTPS? https 500 error - 500 Internal Server Error

Ok, the “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”.  And this made it the secure version of the standard “hypertext transfer protocol” used in web browsers while communicating with websites.

Why HTTP puts you at Risk

 What is HTTPS?

Assuming you connect to a website with regular HTTP, browsers look up the IP Address that corresponds to the website and gets you connected to that IP address and then assume it is connected to the correct web server.

Now, data is sent over the connection clearly. Now watch this! Your internet service provider, government intelligence agencies such as NSA, and equally an eavesdropper on Wi-Fi can see the web pages you visit and the data you are transferring back and forth.

This has been a major problem since there is no way you can verify that you are connected to the correct websites. You might think that you accessed your bank’s website for instance, but then it turns out to bring you forth to a compromised network that has redirected you to a fake website.

Ensure you do not send passwords and credit card numbers across the HTTP connection knowing that an eavesdropper could easily steal them.  So the idea playing under this is that HTTP connections are not encrypted. But HTTPS connections are.

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An HTTP 500 internal server error means your web server is experiencing problems, but it can’t pinpoint the specific error or its root causes.

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The “Internal Server Error” can occur when the request is processed by the web server. The collective status code includes everything unplanned …

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Simply, the 500 Internal Server Error is a general http status code that means something has gone wrong on the website’s server, but the server

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How HTTPS Encryption puts you Under Secure System

Now that you know that HTTPS is much more secure than HTTP.  For instance, when you connect to an HTTPS-secured server, secure sites like your bank will redirect you automatically to HTTPS, Then your web browser checks if the website’s security certificate is legitimate and then verifies if it was issued by a legitimate certificate authority.

With this knowledge, whenever you now see “https://bank.com” in your web browser’s address bar,  then you should not bother about eavesdroppers because you’re actually connected to your bank’s real website.

In as much as the company issues the security certificate vouches for them, sometimes, the certificate authorities might have issued bad certificates and the system can break down. Though it is not perfect HTTPS is still much more secure than HTTP.

Be free to send sensitive information over an HTTPS connection because no one can eavesdrop on it in transit. With the aid of HTTPS secure online banking and shopping are made possible.

For another normal privacy browsing, it also aids secure system even down to Google’s search engine as they now default HTTPS connections. What this is exactly saying is that people won’t be able to see what you are researching on Google.com and some other search engines like Wikipedia and other sites. Before now, anyone on the sane Wi-Fi would be able to see your searches and so as your internet provider will also join.

The Intend of Leaving HTTP Over HTTPS

The original conception of HTTPS was originally for passwords, payments, and other sensitive data. But since the entire web is now moving to it, what is the reason behind it?

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Looking at what is being done in USA; your Internet service provider is allowed to snoop on your web browsing history and sell it to advertisers, so many are not comfortable. So what will be the effect if the web moves to HTTPS?

This means that your Internet service provider can’t see as much of that data, although they can only see that you’re connecting to a specific website but not as direct to the individual pages that you are viewing. This makes browsing much more private for researchers.

Come to think of it, HTTP allows your Internet service provider to tamper with the web pages that you visited when they want. They also use this means as a device to add content to the web page, modify the web page, or even worsen it more.

For instance, the ISPs could devise this means as a method of injecting more advertisements into web pages you visit.  HTTPS prevents ISPs and anyone else running a network from tampering with web pages like this.

How Browsers Are Encouraging Websites to Dump HTTP over HTTPS

In order to make the web move faster, all standard web design desires HTTPS encryption. HTTPS is a major new version of the HTTP protocol that is now supported in all major web browsers.

In order to make their web pages load faster, they invite the use of compression, pipelining, and other features. All web browsers now encourage sites to use HTTP/2 encryption if they want the new useful feature of HTTP/2. For the fact that most modern devices have dedicated hardware to process, the AES encryption HTTP requires, too. This means that HTTPS should actually be faster than HTTP.

The real fact is that browsers are making HTTPS attractive with new features; and on the other hand, Google is making HTTP unattractive by penalizing websites for using it. They have also gone ahead to plans the flag of websites that don’t use HTTPS as unsafe in Chrome, and also want to prioritize websites that use HTTPS in Google search results. Thus, it has given sites a strong spur to move to HTTPS.

How to check if you’re connected to a Website Using HTTPS

You will notice when you’re connected to a website because it will definitely have an HTTPS connection on the address in your web browser’s address bar by starting with “HTTPS://”. You will also see a lock icon, which you can click for more information about the website’s security.

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It might look different in some browsers but most of the browsers have the https:// by default. While some hide it so that you will just see a lock icon next to the website’s domain name. So when you click inside the address bar, you will then see the https:// part of the address.

https 500 error – 500 Internal Server Error

Any time your server goes through the unexpected condition that stops it from completing your request, you are bound to see 500 Internal Server Error popularly known as 500 errors.

hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Error response is a common “Catch-all” response. Each time you see this type of error, it means that the server at this time does not have any better error code of the response.

Good server administrators can sometimes log this error like the 500 status code with more understanding about the request with the sole aim of preventing it from happening in the future.

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