What is a Keyword?

Having your page rank, is a function of a good keyword, and since you want your page to rank with good traffic, it is important you ask this one important question, what is a keyword?Keyword

What is a Keyword

A keyword is a focus word, which can be either singular words or complex phrases that are used on the web to grab the needed organic search traffic. Keywords come in handy when it is effectively researched and optimized to lead the target audience to search for and find the appropriate content on your website.

What is Keyword Optimization

Otherwise known as keyword research, keyword optimization means researching, analyzing and choosing the best keywords suitable for a particular page or post, in a bid to target and drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords act as a clue for Google when ranking your page, to know the words that are important, as well as those that are not. With keywords, Google, as well as other search engines know what the page, is all about. Thus when writing your content, use more of your keyword for that particular content to help Google understand better what your page is all about.

With keywords, you help your visitors and potential clients to arrive at your website, when using a particular search term or key phrase.

Keywords attracts the visitors you want, which can result in the overall increase in your business.

Using Keywords on your pages and posts

It is very important to know how to use the right keywords for your post and pages because this is the bedrock in which your page or posts ranks and gets noticed or leaves you grappling for visitors.

To achieve a great result, when it comes to using a good keyword, make your content easy to read and understand. This can be achieved, by using keywords in your text even though it is advised that you don’t over-optimize. Let your keywords be well distributed across your text, and avoid the error of boxing all your key phrase in the first paragraph.

Spread your words across your page or post, use your keyword in a heading or a couple of subheadings, based on the length of your page or post. Ensure also that you make your keyword your page title/heading, subheadings, based on the length of your page or post. Don’t forget to also factor it into your page title, first paragraph, as well as your meta description.


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