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Do you have debts? Have you received a mail from BCW Group demanding you to settle your debts? If so, do not panic. BCW Group is a 3rd party debt collector that helps individuals schedule and pays off their debts. BCW Group now has an online payment center for its customers to make payments for their debts. If in recent times BCW Group sent you a mail listing the details of your debt from your original creditor and the balance you owe them, you can proceed to start making payments. This debt collector gives customers some time to acknowledge their debts and get in contact with them to start making their payments.

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How To Pay BCW Group Works

However, before you start making any payments, first of all, confirm the debt and be sure it is yours as well as the amount on it. If the debt amount is not what you owe, complain immediately. This will save you from paying a debt you do not owe. On the other hand, if the debt is actually yours, proceed to meet a representative of BCW Group. Reach an agreement on how much you are willing and able to pay monthly. If you can make a one-time payment for all your debt, you are free to do so. But if you want to pay monthly, ensure that you schedule only the amount you can afford to always pay.

There are several options for individuals to make payments for their debts. Customers can pay through mail, phone, or online. Paying through the mail and phone attract charges. When you pay through mail, it takes about 7 working days to reflect on your account. Paying online through BCW Group online payment portal is the most convenient and best. It is very fast, easy, and does not attract an additional charge. BCW Group online service portal is  Once you go to the website, click on Make a Payment to pay your monthly due. Supply your BCW reference number and Client reference number. You are free to make a one-time payment or register for an online account if you intend to keep making recurring payments. Customers can pay with their credit cards or enroll their checking accounts for payments.

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Other Procedures Includes:

Additionally, ensure that you make your payments at the scheduled date on monthly basis. This is very important as it will help build your credit again. If you miss a payment, you may be forced to pay all the remaining balance in full. Whenever it appears that you cannot meet up to the payment, do well to notify the representative whom you spoke to at first concerning your debt. There is a tendency that another arrangement can be made for you. Sometimes, BCW Group may help you to ensure that the creditor cancels your debt. Debt repayment is not easy, but it is the road to your financial freedom. If the debt is much, you may often feel that your efforts are not showing. But continue and pay for everything. Once you completely pay all your debts, you will be able to save, invest, and take care of all your personal needs.


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