Pay Convergent – helps you to plan and pay off your debts

Do you owe some debts to settle or pay off? You may in recent time have gotten a mail from Pay Convergent about your debt repayment. To pay your debts, why not contact Pay Convergent USA? It is a Third Party Collection Agency that helps people to plan and pay off their debts and rescue them from bad credit. It helps individuals find solutions to pay off their debts. However, before you start making any payment, you must first contact a Convergent agent to get the details of your debt. This includes knowing who you owe and how much you owe.

Pay Convergent - helps you to plan and pay off your debts

In case the debt given to you is not yours

report this immediately. Follow it up quickly to ensure that it is removed from your report. Ensure to have it sorted out as such unpaid debts can reflect on your credit report and cause you to have a bad credit score. It may take years for this to be completely cleared off your credit report. No wonder it is very important to verify first before taking any action or making payments.

After confirming that the debt is actually yours, you can start making arrangements with a representative on how to pay the debt. This representative will help you schedule how much you can be paying monthly or yearly until you completely pay off your debt. Agree on what you are sure you can afford to pay and ensure you make your payments promptly. They have arrangements for you to make a one-time payment if you can afford it. But for customers who cannot afford a one-time payment, they can arrange for you to pay a certain amount monthly until you pay off your debt completely.

To make your payments,

simply go to the Pay Convergent web portal. It is the easiest and fastest way to make your payments. At the site, enroll the Temporary ID that is written on the letter you got through the mail. Now, you can create your account by following the instructions. There are several payment options such as: using a credit or debit card or paying through your checking account. Once you pay, it will reflect on your account immediately. To pay through your checking account, have your account number and the bank`s routing number in your account. You can as well pay through phone, Western Union, or through the mail. These 3 options each come with a charge and the mail option takes some days to reflect on your account. To pay through mail, send your payment to the mailing address on the correspondence letter you got through the mail.

Paying at the agreed time is very important, late payments can destroy the agreement and make you start afresh. When you are certain you cannot pay at the said date, meet a Convergent agent, and see if he or she can help you to re-schedule.


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