Make Payments to Mercy Clinics Online Billing

You may be conversant with Mercy Clinics and their quality health care services. Recently, the Clinic decided to make some important improvements in its services to satisfy their patients.Mercy Clinics

The Major improvement is the creation of an online billing platform so that their patients can make payments to them without going to waste time in queues. This process is very simple as easy as patients will only perform this transaction from whatever location they are.

The name of the website is Mercy Clinics Billing. At present, the site accepts payments from Mercy Clinic Patients, Mercy Professional Practice Associates, Perinatal Center of Iowa and Mercy Cancer Center Radiation Oncology.

This means that if you are receiving treatment from any of the above-mentioned places, you can make your bill payments in the online platform.

On getting to the platform, you register and create your login details. You will need a username and password. In the, you will see a payment form, you can complete the form to ensure that your payment becomes properly processed.

There is also the billing department that works from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am to 4 pm. You can call them at 1-888-515-7155 whenever you have payment challenges or issues.

Whenever you want to make payments online in this platform, make sure you correctly enroll your personal details such as your full name as it appears on the card, your credit card number, CVV Code and the Expiration date of the card.

Any mistake can prevent your payment from going through or make it invalid. In a situation that your payment gets rejected, go back and thoroughly review the details you entered to make the necessary corrections.

Moreover, important questions about your bills can go to the customer care service unit for proper attention. Also, to set up payment arrangements, go to the Clinic Financial Counselling Section. The trained financial counselors in this section will greatly assist you. With the online payment platform, both patients and their caretakers can now spend less time making payments. The hospital will also save some time and money to pay workers in this department.

Furthermore, the platform gives the patients some advantage to monitor their health information online on their own. If you are a patient of this Clinic, why not take advantage of the platform and make your online payments with ease?


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