The Best Email Service Provider in 2020

Email still remains the core means of communication for businesses and some individual. It’s important that we select the best among the various free email service providers.  In this article, I have compiled a list of the best email service provider to guide you in making your choice.Best Email Service Provider

When making your choice of which email account to sign up to, There are certain things you should look out for. You should consider if the interface is user-friendly. The mail should be easy to access and spam filters. Also, you should consider the security of your data. I have highlighted a few of the important features that will help you in making your selection.

The best email service provider of 2020

The best email service provider  of all time

Here we shall be considering five email service providers that you should consider.


Google Gmail is unarguable the market leader in free mail service with so many unique features. Gmail is very simple and easy to use. It offers you 15GB of free storage and easy accessibility via mobile.  It has a platform just the normal social media platform where users can chat and even make a video call. It’s integrated with other Google services.


Features of Gmail

  • Good spam protection.
  • It offers 15GB of free space.
  • Can work with other Google services like youtube.
  • Highly secure email with good and fast email service.

Outlook Mail

This is a free mail provided by Microsoft. It is our second best email service because it is easy to work with. It can easily change the display of your outlooks like changing the color scheme and the reading panel. It gives the option to right-click on an email to get more detail about the mail.  Outlook works in direct connection with Skype and other Microsoft programs.

Features of outlook mail

  • Easy to use interface
  • Works directly with other Microsoft services
  • Automatically organize mail.
  • It’s a very secure mail

Yahoo Mail

A very popular mail, yahoo mail is the free email offered by best known for spam control. Yahoo mail is the best when it comes to alternate identities, you can create about 500 disposal email that is linked to your main address but doesn’t contain your name or any other personal details.

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Yahoo mail is secured with encryption but people have doubts about how secure the company claims that their email platform might be. Because how many were at a time accused of selling users data to scammers. This has really affected people to trust in yahoo mail.

Features of Yahoo mail

  • Yahoo offers more storage space than other email providers. you have 1TB of free storage space.
  • It includes a built-in GIF database.
  • Allows 25mb attachment of files.

Icloud mail

This is the official email for apple users.  To use cloud mail, you will need an Apple ID. Icloud mail allows users to send, receive and organize email.

Proton Mail

Proton is a Swiss-based email service that is focused on privacy. Proton mail is aimed at anyone who takes their privacy more important. You can sign up anonymously and it provides end to end encryption on all the emails you send. Proton mails offer 5GB free storage and 50 messages per day. One issue with proton mails is that you cant use the service with other email clients.

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      Best Email Service Provider

I have compiled a list of the best email service provider to guide you in making your choice. When making your choice of which email account to sign up to,

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