– access swift and functional email service. provides a swift and functional email service. You can access your mail on either through the web or POP in your email program. IMAP access is not fully supported by, and its tools for organizing mail are not - access swift and functional email service.

The browser toolbar is needed to activate the account and, in some countries, cell phone verification can be a nuisance.


  • Firstly, com offers POP access.
  • Secondly, the fast web interface includes rich text editing, threading, and free-form labels.
  • Thirdly, com includes effective spam and virus filtering.


  • com lacks smart folders for automatic organization.
  • To activate your account, you have to install a browser toolbar and may need a cell phone.
  • com does not support encrypted mail and digital signatures. – access swift and functional email service. › Social Media provides a swift and functional email service. You can access your mail on either through the web or POP in your email program. – Free Web-Based Email Service w › …


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Features of

  • com offers web-based email with 8 GB or 30 GB online storage (depending on service level) and POP as well as IMAP access.
  • com lets you view mail in threads and supports rich HTML formatting in outgoing messages.
  • You can send messages up to a size of 30 MB.
  • You can organize mail using stars, custom folders, free labels, and filters.
  • Email integrates to some degree with calendar, notes, file storage and photo galleries.
  • com filters spam using varying aggressiveness or a challenge/response mechanism.
  • Remote images in emails can be blocked from automatic download to protect your privacy.
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Besides a large online storage space of as much as 8 GB, has a lot to offer. You can comfortably make your and your email service of choice.

For starters—and for everyday pleasure—, there’s a web interface that is both fast and functional. It could be a bit simpler and offer even more convenience (drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts), though.

Finding all that archived mail works nicely using’s search engine, and usually sufficient filters sort mail to custom folders.

Unfortunately, the filters do not integrate with another great organizing feature, labels.

Color-coded,’s free-form labels help you organize mail in flexible ways, and conversation view brings together related emails easily. Smart folders and better integration of address book and email messages would be great, though.


filters perform reasonably well with little false positives and very little spam coming through. For even more protection, you can set up a convenient challenge/response filter that lets only authorized senders reach your Inbox.

When viewing any mail, protects your privacy by not downloading remote images automatically. When writing any mail, you can make use of rich formatting using the functional editor, which lets you put any of your email addresses in the From line, too.

You can also access your account with a desktop email program using IMAP, POP, and SMTP.