Instagram’s filter selection has better features now than ever. Selecting the BEST INSTAGRAM FILTERS for your photo post can make the difference in getting your followers to leave a comment or hit the “like” button. The proper use of filters result in more engagement from your audienceCredit Ratings - What Are the Benefits of Credit Ratings?

There are currently twenty-four filters available on Instagram. The best of these according to statistics gotten from Relatable and iconosquare include:


This filter is used when you want to maintain a natural look or you want to manually make adjustments through the available editing options. This results in a natural and realistic photo rather than pictures looking oversaturated and distorted in colour. When you are in a rush to post, using the Normal filter is the way to go.


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The Clarendon gives a cool effect to pictures. It can be used to brighten the lighter area and darken the darker areas of photos. It improves the saturation and contrast for brighter highlights and darker shadows without making skin tones look completely unnatural.



To really bring out the colours in your photo, Juno is a great choice. It brings out the warm colours and makes cool colours vivid, causing brighter areas to glow nicely. Generally, using Juno gives an eye-catching look to your pictures.


Lark gives a naturally bright look to your photos. It brings out just the right amount of brightness to a photo while maintaining a cooler look. The blues and greens on photos are enhanced while the red colour is reduced.


This filter gives a warmer, lighter look to your photo by putting a pleasant emphasis on the reds, while downplaying the vibrancy of other colours on the photo. The red hues on the photo become more pronounced.


Aden offers an overall calm, relaxed look that appears almost vintage. It gives a gentler look to photos, taking lots of the vibrancy out of the bold colours. Highlighted areas are also softened for an effect that is much less harsh, but still a pleasure to look at.

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This filter creates a subtle vintage look without completely distorting the natural look of the photo. It gives your picture that warm, hazy look or a warmer overall look.


This is one of those filters to use when you want your photo to stand out. It is not for those who want to keep a natural look because it strengthens many different visual aspects of pictures, exaggerating the shadows and colour vibrancy.

X-Pro 11

This filter gives a very unnatural beautiful look. Colours become more vibrant and shadow a lot darker. Every aspect of the photo is exaggerated in a good way.

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