INSTAGRAM CLOSE FRIENDS FEATURE. Instagram’s Close Friend’s feature can only be used in the official Instagram mobile app for iOS or Android. It can be used on in a web browser. Using this feature entails:


  1. Firstly, open the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device. Sign in to your account and switch to the account that you wish to use.
  2. Secondly, navigate to your profile tab by tapping the person button in the bottom menu
  3. Thirdly, tap the menu button in the top right corner of the home feed
  4. Fourthly, tap Close Friends in the vertical menu sliding out from the right
  5. Also, tap the green Add button beside any user to add them to your close friend’s list or use the Search field at the top to type in a username so as to quickly locate and add a specific friend.
  6. You can share a story with your close friends
  7. Tap the Close Friends button at the button of the screen to instantly share it with just the users you have added to your close friends list
  8. Lastly, to remove users from your list, move to Profile, then menu, then close friends, navigate to your list and tap Remove beside the friend you intend removing from the List

Users are not notified when you add them to your Close Friends list or when you decide to remove them again from the privilege. One can always tap your list at the top to see his or her list. There is currently no known limit as to how many users you can add to your Close Friends list.


Users are able to distinguish between stories shared with everyone from stories shared with close friends. This is done by simply looking at the color of the ring around your profile picture in the stories feed when you post a new story.

Users in your Close Friends list will see a green ring around your profile picture bubble while others tend to see the pink ring which is typical for regular stories.

The following INSTAGRAM CLOSE FRIENDS FEATURE help in making the use of Instagram worthwhile:

  • Firstly, pause, Rewind, Fast forward, and skip through stories
  • Allow messages or stories only from followers you follow back
  • Hide your stories from specific users
  • Sort your filters to put your favorite ones first
  • Open layout from within Instagram
  • See a feed of posts you have previously liked
  • Turn in post notification for posts from specific users
  • Share a post by direct messaging to one or multiple users
  • Zoom in on a post for a closer look
  • Automatically filter inappropriate comments
  • Lastly, mute stories from specific users you follow

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