Understanding How YouTube Ad Revenue Works As A Youtuber

Are you among those who have a video on YouTube and a good number of subscribers and you are wondering how YouTube ad revenue works? Then you are not alone, relax, because I will be showing you a few things you need to know on how the ad revenue works.Understanding How YouTube Ad Revenue Works As A Youtuber

YouTube is a wide platform that is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. It includes YouTube videos in search results. If you find that the benefits of reaching YouTube’s large audience and having Google handle most of the labor-intensive parts of building an advertising network outweigh the costs and risks, and you think you can give it a try, then you can use the YouTube platform to your advantage.

How YouTube Ad Revenue Works

Once your channel has been monetized, which is a step that. Requires the channel to have at least 10,000 subscribers, which is quite a task. You stand a chance of getting a small part of the revenue that . YouTube collects on the ads which appear before, on, after and sometimes during your video.

Now as a creator, you have some level of control over what kind of ads pop up and when they pop during your video. This, you can do on a video-by-video basis or better still set default options which apply to all new videos you publish.

YouTube Ad Revenue

How YouTube Makes Money Off Videos – Investopedia

https://www.investopedia.com › Stocks › Top Stocks

YouTube, like most other Google properties, earns the bulk of its revenue through advertisementsYouTube is able to embed targeted advertising directly into


How to earn money on YouTube – Google Help

https://support.google.com › youtube › answer

You can earn money on YouTube by applying for and being accepted to the … Advertising revenue: Get ad revenue from display, overlay, and video ads.

How YouTube Creators Earn Money

https://www.youtube.com › monetization

YouTube Creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program, can earn money on the platform. Learn more about YouTube creator monetization sources.

How YouTube Makes Money

https://www.youtube.com › sharing-revenue

YouTube’s main source of revenue is advertising. Creators and YouTube share revenue generated from these channels. Learn more about YouTube revenue.

Now, here are steps in ensuring your ad revenue works:

Activate AdSense for YouTube on Your Account

The first two steps to earn online revenue with YouTube is by opening an account and turning on account monetization. To enable monetization means you have to accept YouTube’s advertising guidelines and connecting to an AdSense account for the payment. To enable ads on your YouTube videos you need to agree to Google’s ad revenue share for YouTube. YouTube offers a 45/55 split for all content creators, thus Google keeps 45 percent of all YouTube advertising on your videos, and gives you the remaining 55 percent.

Upload a Video and Promote

To earn revenue on a video, you need to first post videos on your YouTube account. To create and edit your videos in advance, you can use an editing program like Adobe (ADBE) Premier or Apple’s (AAPL) iMovie, or you can upload a raw video from your phone or computer and make use of the YouTube Video Editor. Immediately your video is online, you will need people to watch it. Then you can promote your content on social networks, to family and friends, on blogs, Tumblr (YHOO), and any other possible digital outlet to gain more views and subscribers, which will ultimately translate into more money for you.


Some videos on YouTube earn a higher or lower than average rate depending on the video content. Understand that, videos containing copyrighted music do not earn revenue for the video creator, and some topics may not attract advertisers, while others have a strong draw from advertisers and can drive up the CPM.

If you find out that you are having trouble getting views, then you have to look for creative ways on platforms you can share your videos. You can target an audience that has an interest in your kind of content, instead of trying to appeal to the general audience. You should set up your individual channel settings so that if you have one video that becomes popular, visitors can easily find related videos you have created.

Make Money From AdSense

After you have had your AdSense account linked to your YouTube account, you will get credit for each video’s monthly revenue. Once you’ve been able to accumulate $100 in earnings, Google will issue a payment to your bank account. You can either choose to be paid through direct deposit (not available in all countries) or check – direct deposit seems to be the fastest method of payment that comes with no fee. If you live in the United States and are able to earn more than $600 per year, Google will issue a 1099 form. For whatever be the case, you are required to pay income tax on your earnings.

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To earn more money on YouTube, means you have to post engaging and captivating videos that will attract viewers and subscribers to your page. Once your page is exciting and appealing enough, you will readily have subscribers and viewers alike, waiting eagerly for your next video, which will ultimately help you earn more from your videos.

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