Anyone interested in increasing his or her INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS would need to apply certain tips and tricks. On signing up to Instagram, you immediately connect with friends already on the platform but if you are trying to build a serious brand, you would have to work hard and most especially apply certain strategies.

The following strategies when properly applied helps you to get more followers:

(A) Work on Your Profile and Content

To get more followers, your content has to be interesting enough. No one wants to follow a user who posts bland content. Your photo and video posts must be catchy and of high quality. Other Instagram users visit and glance over your profile before deciding to follow you, thus upgrading one’s profile look and the quality of the content is very necessary. This is made easy by:

  1. Firstly, choosing a great profile photo that accurately reflects your brand
  2. Secondly, writing a good bio that sums up what you or your brand does for your audience
  3. Thirdly, switch to a business profile if you are running a business
  4. Also, tag your posts with relevant locations and hashtags
  5. Then, posting usually appealing videos and photos
  6. Stick closely to a theme in presenting your posts
  7. Finally, have a posting schedule and stay consistent

(B) Find and Interact with Users You want to attract

A person can have awesome Instagram content but such has to get to targeted followers. If your content, no matter how great it is doesn’t get to your targeted audience, then growing your following becomes an uphill task. To do this, you can:

  1. Find users following profiles similar to yours
  2. Search for users posting content under specific hashtags
  3. Look for users posting content in specific locations

Interaction with these targeted users is achieved by

  1. Liking one or more of their posts
  2. Commenting positively on their posts
  3. Following their posts

(C) Encourage Your Followers to Engage with Your Content

When your followers engage your content, you increase your chances of showing up in the Explore tab of users they are connected to.

The Explore tab shows a grid of video and photo posts for users based on who they follow and the type of content they like. If a person sees a post of yours on their tab and decides to check out your profile, you might just gain a follow from them. Engaging your followers to involve:

  1. Firstly, asking followers to like your post or leave a comment
  2. Liking comments left from your followers on your posts
  3. Asking your followers to tag a friend in the post caption
  4. Replying to comments from followers
  5. Using a Shoutout campaign

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